The rules and options of decor apply to bathrooms as they do any room. Dress up your bathroom with color, pattern, and accents using these bathroom decorating ideas.

While space constraints and moisture concerns can restrict bathroom decorating, there are still plenty of ways to add personality to your bathroom.

Bathroom Decorating Idea No. 1: Add Color

Bathroom decorating ideas

Perk up an all-white bath with a single color. Choose a favorite hue and decorate with it throughout your bathroom. Bring in vibrant towels, bath mats, shower curtains, and accessories, all in the same color for a quick and easy bathroom decorating update.

Bathroom Decorating Idea No. 2: Panache with Pattern


Step out of boring and into an exciting new bathroom with a pretty patterned shower curtain. It will instantly perk up your bathroom and can help you make wise decorating decisions in the rest of your bathroom. Pick a color from the curtain to use on the walls and in accessories. Pick a coordinating color that isn't in the pattern for contrast. Here, a robin's-egg blue cools down the warm yellows in this bathroom.

Bathroom Decorating Idea No. 3: Get Creative with Walls

Bathroom decorating

No matter how small or awkwardly laid out a bathroom is, it still has walls, which are basically blank decorating canvases. Get creative with paint: Apply a neutral color partway up the wall, install molding, and paint the rest of the wall a different color. Take another step and apply the second color across the room's fifth wall, the ceiling.

Wainscoting, board-and-batten, wallpaper, or a stenciled pattern, such as chevron or stripes, are all guaranteed ways to wake up walls.

Bathroom Decorating Idea No. 4: Bathroom as Art Gallery


Artwork has a place in the bathroom. From a singular, large stretched canvas to a series of small framed prints, artwork can evoke a decorating style, add dimension to blank walls, and contribute color. Take care to protect your artwork from moisture.

Bathroom Decorating Idea No. 5: Decorate with Tile

Bathroom shower

Tile has a place on floors, walls, showers, tub surrounds, and more. Use this versatile material to dress up your bathroom with color and texture. In addition to style, tile can also handle the moisture from bathroom water sources. For floors, install tiles with texture or small tiles. Both texture and the volume of grout lines between small tiles with help make floors less slippery and reduce the risk of falls.

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Better Homes & Gardens Member
September 21, 2018
What stunning blue tile in the shower in bathroom #5! The one thing I'd add is bringing textures into the bath. I use waffle weave towels with a honeycomb texture in my all-white bathroom, with natural wood bowls and sponges. Looks very clean, simple and modern but so pretty. My waffle weave bath towels are from
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May 23, 2018
More than half of the page is covered by advertising. I can't even see the entire image to decide if your "ideas" will work for me. I can see about 4 1/4 inches of your site. Really?