Give your bathroom a refresh for the New Year with these stylish decorating ideas, including gray cabinetry, smart technology, and spa-worthy features. 
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If you’re looking to give your bathroom an update in 2019 then look no further. We asked the experts to weigh on this year's biggest bathroom trends, including timeless materials, top cabinet colors, and amazing new technology. Whether you want to make a simple swap or a total overhaul, scroll through to see what bathroom design elements we're loving right now.

his and her sinks with matching round mirrors and matte black fixtures
Image courtesy of Moen

1. Matte Black Accents

Whether you mix finishes or go for a matching look, using black as a bathroom accent can totally change the look of your space. Against a light backdrop, a stylish matte black showerhead is sleek and sophisticated. Adding a matte black faucet or vanity hardware can be equally alluring.

“Consumers continue to be drawn to incorporating dark accents into their spaces,” says Jessica Birchfield, Senior Industrial Designer for Moen. “They want unique finishes that make a statement, which makes matte black an ideal choice.” As a response to rising consumer interest, Moen expanded its matte black bathroom offerings, including their new Doux bathroom suite, and added a matte black finish option to some existing lines.

Bathroom with wooden storage cabinet

2. Wood Vanities

Whether driftwood, reclaimed barn wood, or a stunning shade of stained wood, the use of the natural material in bathrooms is on the rise. San Francisco-based designer Kriste Michelini says client interest in wood vanities specifically has increased.

“I notice that more clients are looking for clean, light spaces that aren't sterile,” she says. “Introducing a beautiful maple or even a natural driftwood adds dimension and a soft, comfortable feeling.” She adds that the influence of hygge could be behind the increase. “I think the Danish influence has definitely taken hold on bathrooms. It is all about making your space cozy and celebrating simple things.”


3. Statement Art

You want every room in your home to be beautiful, so why not infuse a little character into your bathroom with a focal-point piece of art? Andrea Stanford, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Society 6, says she has started to see more user-generated content showcasing creative ways to display art in the bathroom.

“Given its basic nature and sometimes lack of windows, people are seeking to insert color and texture into their bathroom,” she says. Consider different sizes of artwork and unique framing and mat options to make the biggest impact. Because moisture is inevitable in a bathroom, we don't recommend hanging a priceless work of art, but posters and prints from online retailers are approachable options for injecting color and personality into your space.

light hardwood bathroom with tree appearing through window wall
Image courtesy of DXV

4. Spa Features

Little luxuries are no longer just reserved for spa days and vacations. More and more bathroom brands are introducing products that bring pampering into our own bathrooms. “Homeowners are increasingly interested in creating spa-inspired home bathrooms that offer an escape from their busy lives,” says Katty Pien, Chief Marketing Officer for LIXIL Americas.

DXV (a LIXIL brand) recently debuted Aqua Moment, a bathtub inspired by Japanese hot springs that comes complete with chromatherapy lighting and a waterfall system that cascades over the shoulders. This kind of relaxation, Pien notes, “is the perfect balm at the end of a busy workday spent in front of a computer screen.”

Credit: Adam Albright

5. Statement Marble

Whether on walls, floors, or countertops, marble not only makes a stunning focal point, but it also lets you splash freely. Marble absorbs water quickly thanks to its porous nature, making it ideal for bathroom use. Chicago designer Stephen Gertz of MILIEU loves to use marble for its versatility and durability.

“Marble has strength, it plays with light, it carries a touch of transparency, and beholds an incomparable look,” he says. And if a solid slab of marble isn’t in your budget, you can still use the gorgeous stone to make a statement. Gertz suggests mixing marble tiles of different sizes and shapes to create an intriguing pattern or focal point.

black geometric intelligent toilet with lid up revealing blue light
Image courtesy of Kohler

6. Tushy Technology

The best in new bathroom technology is for your backside. As consumers become more comfortable with incorporating technology into their homes, products that provide customization and automation are gaining in popularity. Kohler’s Numi Intelligent Toilet is a breakthrough for cleanliness and convenience at home, offering motion-activated, hands-free opening and closing of the seat and cover, self-cleaning, adjustable seat heating, ambient lighting, and more.

“Utilitarian as a normal toilet may be, the Numi offers the ultimate in comfort, cleansing, and design," says Betsy Froelich, Marketing Manager at Kohler Co. "It’s sculptural, and an instant focal point in any bath." Starting in 2019, the Numi will come equipped with Kohler Konnect, allowing consumers to interact with the product via voice control and further personalize their experience.

modern tiled bathroom with neutral colors

7. Gray Cabinetry

A lovely gray hue is the perfect pairing for a crisp white bathroom. It’s easy to see why interest in gray bathroom cabinetry continues to climb. “Grays can serve as the perfect backdrop to existing elements, and deep grays can provide a beautiful gravity and moodiness in a space,” says Dee Schlotter, Senior Color Marketing Manager for PPG Architectural Coatings.

Since it functions as a neutral, gray provides a depth of color while still allowing other elements in your bathroom to shine, making gray a versatile team player. “Grays can be punctuated with a variety of décor elements, such as natural wood floors, or even bright bold floral patterns,” Schlotter adds.

diy rustic green bathroom vanity with bumbered baskets and mirror

8. Vessel Sinks

Make way for the artful vessel sink. Unique shapes and designs make vessel sinks an excellent option for creating a striking focal point in a small space. “More and more, homeowners are turning to vessel sinks with artistic shapes and patterns for a statement piece in the bathroom,” says Betsy Froelich, Marketing Manager at Kohler Co.

Some of Kohler’s latest vessel sinks, part of their Artist Edition line, feature exquisite details that instantly add a level of polish. Plus, with such a broad variety of available vessel sinks, it's easy to match your existing bathroom style.

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    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    March 22, 2019
    A round vessel sink? It's 2019, not 2002.
    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    January 26, 2019
    I love the grey bathroom. I really need to do something with my mirror but do not want to take it down. Covers the whole wall. Need to look at possible framing and replace the faucets. I think it will help.
    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    January 25, 2019
    Hi tmitchener and t34sos4933egma. We've added links for the shoppable items.
    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    January 23, 2019
    Not impressed with the vessel sinks. I mean really? To each their own I suppose. I love undermount. Easy to clean. Like the gray or matte black cabinets.
    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    January 23, 2019
    There's nothing like an undermount sink with enough counter space for whatever you need daily. My family has always been taught to wipe down the vanity and faucets when done so the next person has a clean, dry area.Now those "salad" bowl sinks have to be wiped on the outside of the bowl, also. I don't care if it is not on trend, there's nothing like a full one-piece large mirror over the vanity. It make the bathroom look larger, everyone at all heights can see, and you can get a full view of how you look before you leave the house. Most of those oval or rectangular framed mirrors are too high for the little ones or too low for tall folks.
    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    January 23, 2019
    Like the tech toilet,most adults and children are amiss in bathroom sanitary habits.What is the cost ?
    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    January 23, 2019
    I like it all! Well...except that creepy looking toilet. And nothing new here, it's all been around for while now. And do you really want your toilet to be a "Focal Point"?????
    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    January 23, 2019
    I don't want to talk to my toilet.
    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    December 29, 2018
    A source list would have been helpful, I like some of the elements shown here but who makes it and where to buy it?
    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    December 28, 2018
    How are wet rooms trending ? I am interested in doing this in my bath.
    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    December 28, 2018
    They forgot to include a stepstool for #1 or are they assuming both people using the mirrors will be 6' tall or more? The designers of #5 had a little more sense.
    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    December 28, 2018
    It's just ok
    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    December 28, 2018
    For children and shorter adults, vessel sinks are a great way to splash water all over the bathroom. Cool look, but not so practical.