White Bathroom Design Ideas

Bypass the bold hues and embrace the clean, polished simplicity of white. Find out how to create a sparkling white bathroom using white and similar neutral hues.

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    Refined White

    A transitional vanity combines classic, contemporary, and cottage style in this hall bath. The marble countertop coordinates with the marble-look ceramic floor tile for a high-end look that won't break the bank.

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    Timeless Tradition

    Symmetry rules in this classic white master bathroom. The double vanity features traditional inset cabinet doors and a lucite handles for extra glamour. A mixture of marble -- in counters, floor, and tub surround -- add visual interest to the all white room.

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    Soft & Sweet

    A separate dressing table mirrors the style of the vanities in this bathroom for a cohesive look. The room mixes shades of cream and beige, accented with soft greens and yellows, to maintain a neutral, not boring, color palette.

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    Releaxing Retreat

    Recessed open shelving above the built-in tub keeps the color palette front and center. Soft grays and crisp whites make this bathroom a relaxing retreat.

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    Designer Tips for a Luxurious Bathroom

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    Fresh White Bath

    Contrasting textures play up the white walls and accessories in this bathroom to create a simple and clean look. The delicate tile floor and marble countertop add interest, while cream and white paint harmonize on the walls. For a refreshing pop of color that isn't too permanent, place a vase of flowers or sprigs on the vanity.

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    Stark Contrast

    Contrast is the key in this stunning space. Dark cabinets and floors provide a perfect setting for the white countertops and trim to pop. Large multipane windows allow natural light to illuminate the high ceiling and subtle wallpaper detail.

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    Elegant Small Bath

    Paneled wainscoting and limestone flooring give this small bath a luxurious look that lives large. Marble shower tiles and a spacious tub create a spa-like retreat, while white walls open up the space visually. Accessories such as the scalloped shelves, an oval mirror, and colorful jars add a subtle feminine touch.

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    Vintage Charm

    White tiled wainscoting and an elegant vintage tub signal classic style in this cozy bathroom. A neutral color palette keeps the focus on the room's charming accessories. Framed prints, a stone side table, and a feminine chair tie this soft, timeless space to its vintage roots.

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    White Slanted Ceiling

    Use a white palette to showcase architectural gems, such as this bathroom's beaded-board slanted ceiling. White cupboards, trim, and ceiling paint carry light through the space, while brass fixtures and a mosaic stone tile floor set the room aglow.

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    White Tile Bath

    Achieve dimension and texture in a white space by using different types of tile. Here, walls wrapped in white subway tiles mingle with marble tile floors. Rich brown wall color and a handsome walnut vanity balance the white backdrop and make the room feel cozy. A band of dark marble on the floor mimics the delicate line of brown tile on upper walls.

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    Classic Character Bathroom

    Layered shades of soothing neutrals and vintage-style fixtures work together to create timeless character in this elegant bath. With the help of built-in cabinets, a clever layout, and natural light, this classic, period-style bath seems much more spacious than it is.

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    Eye-Catching Architecture

    No need for bold colors in a bath with gorgeous architectural details. Although this room is entirely white, the intricate hexagonal tiling, built-in cabinets, and arched ceiling provide enough interest to satisfy the eye. Adding wood paneling brings tall ceilings to a cozy level, which draws focus to a handsome bathtub and appears to reduce the height of this cavernous room.

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    Blank Canvas

    Crisp white walls, complete with a white tub and vanity, provide the perfect setting for creative homeowners to experiment. Little bursts of color such as a cheery shower curtain, rugs, and towels become instant focal points in this plain white bathroom. These accessories are also easy to swap out, which makes a change in color scheme a snap.

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    Modern Marble Design

    A gorgeous marble shower and eye-catching tile design underfoot add texture and dimension to this predominantly white bathroom. A small wooden bench brings a natural touch to the modern freestanding tub and faucet, and even the flat-screen TV contributes to the white color palette.

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    Dreamy White

    Ivory and white tile floors coordinate with creamy walls to create a space lovely in its simplicity. A large arched mirror crowned with white trim both expands and adds architectural value to this bathroom, while a stately freestanding tub and vintage faucet complete the elegant look.

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    Marvelous White Master Bath

    Traditional materials in soft hues are punctuated by white and black accents in this restful retreat. Richly veined marble tile, dark picture frames, and a claw-foot tub contribute to the room's regal appeal. Armoire doors crafted from old leaded-glass windows blend storage and beauty.

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    Mirror Effect

    Adorn a small bathroom with multiple mirrors to make the space look larger. Mirror-front cabinets conceal cramped quarters, resulting in an open, shimmering bathroom. Even a few colorful accessories, such as the rosy pink hand towels shown here, pack a big punch against the creamy backdrop when they are reflected.

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    A White Bath, Warmed Up

    A claw-foot tub takes center stage in this dormer bathroom, thanks to a warm backdrop of neutral walls and rosy accessories. A white ceiling maximizes the feeling of open space by reflecting natural light. Marble tile underfoot ties the color scheme together.

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    White Wallpaper

    Whimsical wallpaper transforms this bathroom into a beautiful forest retreat. Dark natural wood flooring makes a statement against the white-and-gray palette, and a compact console sink provides both ample storage and a farmhouse feel.

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    Subtle & Sweet

    Wide floorboards don a layer of ash gray paint, adding subtle contrast to the otherwise white room. A cast-off medical table adds space for linens and small bath storage. A handful of small, colorful accessories make the room warm and inviting without distracting from its architectural details.

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