14 Calming Bathroom Color Schemes for a Spa-Like Retreat

pewter and ivory elegant bathroom
Photo: John Bessler

The right color palette can inspire calm and tranquility. For a bathroom that feels like a relaxing retreat, choose soft neutrals and hues inspired by nature. These calming bathroom color schemes will help you create your own spa-like sanctuary.

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Ocean Blue + Black + Antique Brass

Blue bathroom with large white sink
Laura Moss Photography Corp

Watery blues wrap this bathroom in soothing color. The textured wallpaper provides a sense of movement that helps enlarge the small space. Antique brass and black accents add contrast, while patterned floor tiles bolster visual interest without overwhelming.

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Emerald + White + Slate Gray

lisa bathroom dark cabinets and green tile
John Granen

Shades of green reminiscent of lush foliage deliver a calming quality to this bathroom. The emerald-tile accent wall mingles with slate floors and a richly stained wood vanity for an intriguing mix of textures. Bright white coats the rest of the room to keep the look light and airy.

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Charcoal + White + Teal

bathroom wooden vanity arrows natural elements wall
Edmund Barr

Don't be afraid of dark bathroom walls. Deep hues can create a sense of comfort while introducing an element of drama. Charcoal, which is warmer than other grays but not as harsh as black, pairs with white and wood tones to form a calming bathroom color scheme. Teal accessories brighten the look.

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Periwinkle + White + Silver

bathroom with blue cabinets and white shelving
Emily Followill

Teaming pale blue with white is a no-fail formula for a soothing bathroom. Here, soft shades of periwinkle offer a colorful counterpoint to white walls and fixtures. Polished chrome accents and marble mosaic floor tiles bring an elegant sensibility to what could otherwise be an overly sweet pastel scheme.

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Pewter + Ivory

pewter and ivory elegant bathroom
John Bessler

In a colorful, busy world, coming home to a serene, neutral space feels like a breath of fresh air. In this calming bathroom, soft pewter walls mingle effortlessly with a classic double vanity in ivory. The gray hue continues in the curtains and marble countertops and shines against the room's creamy trim.

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Beige + Chocolate + Creamy White

beige, chocolate, and white bathroom with large windows
Michael Partenio

Brown tones bathe this traditional bathroom in warm and inviting character. Deep chocolate covers a wood-clad built-in bathtub, which blends seamlessly with lighter khaki-color walls. Creamy white emphasizes the architectural detail of surrounding windows.

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Navy Blue + Silver + Powder White

navy, silver, and white bathroom with patterned curtains
Emily Minton-Redfield

Blue is universally pleasing thanks to familiar associations with sea and sky, calming properties, and versatility. A deep blue backsplash showcases a clean, modern tub in this bathroom. The hue repeats in a window treatment that visually expands the space while highlighting silver finishes found in the bathroom's chandelier and vanity.

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Buttercream + White + Light Blue

buttercream, white, light blue bathroom
Brie Williams

Replicate the warm ambience of a sunset with a neutral yellow hue that strikes a balance between stark white and full-on color. When combined with white, the glowing gold creates a decadent backdrop for plush blue accents. This calming bathroom color scheme beautifully balances warm and cool tones.

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Seafoam + Cottage White + Silver

seafoam, white, and silver elegant bathroom
John Bessler

Offering muted color that doesn't overwhelm, seafoam is a particularly soothing shade of green. Here, white beaded-board paneling on the ceiling and walls balances the color and provides an architectural layer. Vintage silver fixtures add glamour to the calming bathroom color scheme.

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Sand + Light Pink + White + Silver

sand, light pink, and white bathroom with tub
James R. Salomon

A beach-inspired palette of sandy hues ripples through this bathroom. Color enters the neutral scheme in the form of dusty pink towels. Silver fixtures and accessories provide shimmer against the crisp white tub and trim.

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Taupe + Light Gray + Wood Tones

spacious bathroom in taupe, gray, and wood tones
Ed Gohlich

The cloudy gray veining found in marble relaxes and cools a bathroom. Warm it up with rich neutrals like this deep taupe wall color. Wood plank floors and a metallic bathtub provide contrasting textures that enhance the calming bathroom color scheme.

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White + Lavender

white and lavender bathroom with accent wall
Brie Williams

An old-fashioned favorite, lavender fits in well with cottage-style interiors. Here, the soft purple shade upgrades an otherwise all-white bathroom. Subtly colored penny tiles cover the vanity wall in striking texture.

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Eggshell White + Tan

Glass shower and white tub with bench and window
Werner Segarra

Make neutrals the starring role of your bathroom with a blend of beige hues. A variety of textures help contrast the color in this spa-like guest bath that features both matte pebble tiles and sleek white subway tile. An off-white linen window shade and wood-like porcelain floor provide an extra layer of rustic warmth.

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Dusty Teal + White + Mocha

teal, white, mocha bathroom tiled backsplash bathtub
John Granen

Just like in nature, various shades of green play well together in bathroom color schemes. Layer light and dark shades of a single hue in your bathroom backsplash with a neutral accent color such as white. This rich teal wall color strikes a pleasing note between green and blue. The bluish-green emits cool luxury against a warm wood vanity.

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