9 Pink Bathroom Ideas with So Much Charm

Add positivity to your bathroom with pops of pink.

Adding a pop of color can change the entire feel of a room. Dark, moody colors tend to exude elegance, light colors create softness, and bright colors are typically more fun and playful. Pink is a color that's somewhere in the middle: It's both youthful and exciting, yet adds a touch of refined modernism that you just can't ignore.

When it comes to decorating a bathroom, you can have a little more fun with color and pattern. Since these small rooms are typically closed off from the rest of the house, it's an easy opportunity to incorporate hues you might not otherwise use in your home. And whether you're looking for something cheerful and bold or contemporary and sleek, pink is one of the hottest new bathroom color trends.

While bathrooms are, of course, for doing your business, they're also where we get ready for work in the morning and unwind in the tub after a long day—so why not make the space bright and fun? If you're feeling inspired to add some rosy tones to your own space, we've rounded up the best pink bathroom ideas to help you get started.

bathroom with pink vanity and pineapple wallpaper
Julie Soefer

1. Add Pink Floral Wallpaper

One of our favorite ways to create a pink bathroom is to bring in bold color through floral wallpaper. Of course, you don't have to go the floral route—there are endless wallpaper options on the market today, so pick a print that matches your design style. Pair your wallpaper with a matching vanity and create a focal point with framed art. If you really want to play into the floral theme, add fresh flowers and rotate them based on the seasons.

bathroom with double vanity and pink walls
Adam Albright

2. Start with Pastels

If you're looking for something a little less bold, consider painting one wall in a muted powder pink. This way, you can easily incorporate a splash of color without it completely overtaking the room. Once the paint is dry, add a statement mirror (or two) and use gold accents throughout to create a stylish vintage-inspired vanity area.

pink bathroom with flamingo wallpaper
Julie Soefer

3. Choose a Theme

If your decorating style is anything but subtle, consider creating a pink bathroom that goes all-in with colors, patterns, and decor. With abstract shelving, busy wallpaper, and beach accessories, this flamingo-theme powder room has it all. To create a similar look, paint the baseboards to complement your cabinets or vanity and carry the color throughout the room. Then, bring in white or neutral elements, like mirrors, lighting, and frames, to ground the look. Then, add your knickknacks and decorative elements to tie the space together.

white bathroom with pink accents
Rett Peek

4. Add a Subtle Splash of Pink

While pink bathrooms are popular, vibrant colors aren't for everyone. Ease your way into this trend by starting small. Add a pink bath mat, shower curtain, or ottoman to your bathroom to introduce the color, and keep the rest of the space outfitted with whites, beiges, and creams. As you become more comfortable with the color, add subtle hints of pink, like monogrammed towels or blush-tone washcloths.

white bathroom with peach accents
Jay Wilde

5. Decorate with a Salmon Shade of Pink

To update your bathroom without a permanent commitment, transform a neutral bathroom with small accessories, like linens or wall art. Balance a focal point mirror with wall sconces, then carry color throughout the room on towels, a bath mat, and soap dispenser. Choose a rich salmon shade of pink for a cozy look that pairs well with beige tones and whites with warm undertones.

bathroom with pink vanity and black and white wallpaper
Emily Followill

6. Paint a Bathroom Vanity

You can easily change the color scheme of a bathroom by giving the existing pieces a fresh coat of paint. Consider painting a vanity or built-in shelving a bright pink hue to create a new look. Then, incorporate small accessories, like a matching vase or tray, to bring it all together. The best part about painting cabinets is that you can easily change the color again when you get tired of the trend.

white vanity under window
Werner Straube

7. Make It Monochromatic

The perfect pink bathroom isn't always vibrant or loud. For a subtle pink accent, paint walls with a light blush color. For a monochromatic look, paint large furnishings to match. Add neutral elements, like this upholstered white stool, or gold hardware to create a soft, traditional powder room or primary bath.

pink and white bathroom
Annie Schlechter

8. Use Pink Tile for the Bathroom

It's not always easy to add tile to a bathroom (floor or otherwise), especially if a full renovation isn't on the table. But with temporary wallpaper, you can create the look of tile without all the effort. Add a wallpaper backsplash in soft pink tones for a pop of color in the bathroom. Finish the look with brass or gold hardware for a touch of glam.

bathroom with light pink accents and patterned walls
Nathan Schroder

9. Create a Focal Point

If you're looking for an easy DIY bathroom idea, focus on transforming one element of the room into a focal point. This will help you try the trend without committing to a total overhaul. Start with a vanity, dresser, or mirror, and add a coat of pink paint. Choose a pastel shade for a vintage feel, or go brighter for a more modern look. Contrast with neutral tones throughout the rest of the room to make your pink accessory the center of attention.

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