Pastel Bathroom Ideas


Create a calming atmosphere in your bathroom with marvelously muted wall color. These pastel bathrooms pack plenty of panache worth copying in your powder room or master bath.

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Laid-Back Luxury

Bathroom Lighting

Greenish-gray walls provide an understated backdrop that spotlights and softens a bathroom's cool white surfaces. This muted turquoise wall color boasts gray undertones that pick up on the veins in marble wainscoting and floor tiles, as well as the steely mirror frames, exposed plumbing pipes, and wall sconces.

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Charming Retreat

Colorful Bathrooms

Pale pink is pretty but can become too cutesy if left on its own. This bathroom tempers pink's feminine feel with cottage character through the use of white beaded-board wainscoting. Dark floor tiles stylishly anchor the room's airy finishes and delicate pastel hue.

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Cottage Character


A pastel color scheme allows you to get creative when displaying decor. This clean-lined cottage bathroom showcases a starfish exhibit above the mirror, a vintage chandelier, and a stellar star sculpture near the tub. The collectibles stand out against blue pastel walls, simple beaded board, and pops of pink.

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Warm Glow


Peach and apricot often go unappreciated, but one look at this attractive space and it's easy to see how the pale orange shades can heat up a neutral bathroom. Striped draperies present the matte wall color in a slightly deeper tone; the high-shine fabric beautifully mirrors the sparkle of a crystal chandelier and pearlescent floor tiles.

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Sunny Disposition

Bathroom Lighting

You'll start every day with a smile when your morning routine takes place in a sunny yellow bathroom. In this windowed bay, crisp white wainscoting and window shutters balance the cheery yellow walls. The neutral hue repeats as a shapely footed tub and flower pattern on the tiled floor.

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Favorite Bathroom Paint Colors

Get inspired to try a new hue with our favorite bathroom paint colors that go beyond pastel.

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Feminine Flair

purple bathroom

Muted lavenders, hyacinths, and violets energize without overwhelming. This bathroom dressing area turns down the volume by pairing pastel lavender walls with creamy (instead of glossy white) woodwork and stone-tiled floors. More vivacious purples explode on the scene as bins, area rugs, and accents to give the space a refreshingly modern twist.

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Rethink Green

Bathroom Vanity

Greens that lean toward yellow provide a peaceable bathroom palette. A soft shade of celery plays beautifully with this room's white surfaces, navy blue textiles, and grassy green accents. Wicker baskets and wood furnishings supply organic textures and colors that further the nature-inspired design.

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Look to the Sky

Bathroom Lighting

Baby blue walls step quietly in this classically decorated bathroom. Neither too bold nor too bright, the blue walls perfectly complement black marble countertops, white trim, and black-and-white floor tiles. Punches of the dreamy hue pop as a fetching light fixture, countertop accessories, and a fabric hamper.

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Cheery Outlook

yellow bathroom

The color of delicate parchment paper, these bathroom walls create a restful stage for refined finishes. The creamy color takes a turn toward butterscotch and reappears in a variety of rich shades. Bath linens, curtain trim, an area rug, and a console table each feature the sunny shade and set each corner of this spacious chamber aglow.

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Sea-Worthy Shades


Carry seaside hues inside to create a bath that shouts, "Life's a beach." Use aquamarine, sea green, or toned-down turquoise to fashion a peaceful perimeter that highlights glossy white surfaces and sandy-hue fabrics and floors. A deep aqua vanity, shimmering glass-tile backsplash, and a faux rug rendered in differing shades of aqua tile amplify this bathroom's oceanic atmosphere.

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Spa Treatment

green and white bathroom

White floors, countertops, and finishes go a long way toward creating breezy spick-and-span spaces. But all-white spaces can come across as cold and sterile. Be sure to introduce materials with dissimilar textures, fun furnishings, and a rich wall color, like the subdued green-blue blend pictured here, to build interest and warmth into your bathroom design.

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Sweet Serenity

purple bathroom

Reddish shades of purple, like the amethyst that coats this bathroom, establish a sense of warmth. Use pastel purples that are deep enough in tone to create contrast when paired with dark wood cabinet finishes, stone floors, and white woodwork. Stay away from too-pale purples, which might disappear from view rather than create an impact.

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Bathing Beauty

Decorating Gallery

One hue presented in three different tones creates a buzzworthy bathroom that delivers pizzazz without overwhelming. Here, pastel green and white tiles combine for easy-on-the-eye stripes that define the tub area. The minty tone brightens to jade on a glazed garden bench and deepens to dusty hunter green on the window shade.

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Vintage Appeal


Soaring wood-clad walls painted an appealing blue (with just a hint of gray) stand out thanks to white-painted beams, woodwork, and ceilings. The pastel walls put the focus on a furniturelike vanity, claw-foot tub, and sparkling chandelier. Hardwood floors underscore the bathroom's vintage charm while cozying up the high-ceilinged space.

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