Beautiful Bathroom Color Inspiration Ideas

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Take your bathroom color cue from these beautifully designed spaces that employ spa-like neutrals, peaceful pastels, look-at-me chromes, and high-contrast shades in stylish ways.

See the bathroom paint colors we love and get inspired to try a new hue!

Favorite Bathroom Paint Colors

See the bathroom paint colors we love and get inspired to try a new hue!

Organic Leanings

Combine plucked-from-nature neutrals to create luxuriously layered bathroom scenes. In this master bathroom, wood cabinets and sandy walls are toasty complements for cooler limestone-gray tiles and icy-white countertops. Just a few white finishes, accessories, and fixtures brighten the earth-tone scheme.


Modern Lines

Grays, taupes, and tans partner to generate a fashion-forward look that lives bigger than its parts. A shimmering glass-tile backsplash pulls together this bathroom's wall and cabinet colors while also playing with geometry to amplify interest. The vanity's vertical wood grain takes a different direction and stands out against stone-tile wainscoting, which provides a textural backdrop.

Perfect Palette

White-and-gray schemes suit every bathroom. White painted woodwork and cabinets mirror the color of tubs and toilets; gray deepens the hue of mirrored surfaces and chrome or nickel fittings. The bathroom color inspiration idea in this space? Gray-and-white marble for the countertop and tub deck. Window treatments take it up a notch -- the prettily patterned fabric features silvery grays, a lighter version of the wall color.

Dimensional Distinction

Neutral color schemes -- whether monochromatic or a mix of laid-back tones -- benefit from textural accessories that contribute depth and a sense of warmth. In this mostly charcoal and white bathroom, brown pops as a focal-point mirror frame and oversize woven baskets. Charcoal gray continues into the shower as floor tile, painted window trim, and grout lines that highlight vertically set wall tiles.

Tonal Shifts

When life hands you a fab feature like this terra-cotta-color brick wall, devise a palette that plays up the view. Here, varying shades of gray presented in different sheens and materials complement the wall's orange tones without overpowering the focal point. Charcoal-stained concrete shines as a polished sink and shower deck and as a honed countertop. Bluish-gray comes into play as a painted vanity finish, while silvery stone tiles outfit the shower and floors.

Going for Gold

An understated mix of colors -- metallic gold, honey, white, gray, and black -- takes a turn to fabulous in this bathroom, thanks to shapely motifs and sculptural furnishings. Gleaming metallic wallpaper, a honey-tone vanity topped with white marble, striped marble floors, linear wainscoting, and black accessories merge to create a peaceful yet bold bathroom.

Calming Composition

Lemon yellow walls supply a wakeup call that is cheerful without being loud. Here, the bathroom wall color partners nicely with rich charcoal grays that repeat on the tub, window sashes, and framed prints. Honey-gold accents and natural wood finishes round out the easygoing scheme.

Perennially Charming

Look outside the window for bathroom color inspiration ideas. If outdoor color combinations please your eye, they'll work equally well inside. This bathroom fuses seafoam green stripes, snowy white fittings, sky blue bath linens, and grassy green accents to build a naturally serene scene. Double rows of inexpensive 4x4-inch green and white tiles form horizontal stripes to create high-impact pattern without a high price tag.

Points of Interest

In this bathroom, white walls, woodwork, and countertops with touches of gray keep the vibe bright and breezy while spotlighting black-framed photographs and vibrant accents. Pairing analogous colors, such as yellow and green, with neutral hues is an easy way to devise a pleasing bathroom color scheme.

Blithe Spirit

Although simple in its layout, this blue and white bathroom boasts a good deal of pizzazz. Painterly touches -- from the slate blue vanity and patterned wallpaper to the kaleidoscopic artwork -- create a design that is fun and fashionable. The vibrant painting coordinates with the blue and white but also supplies additional color options for a homeowner who wants to change up the look by adding orange, yellow, or green accessories.

Multihue Cue

Base a bathroom color scheme on printed wallpaper or a patterned fabric that captivates your eye and is in tune with your decorating style. This bathroom design draws on the wallpaper's beige background as well as gray tones that appear as the marble countertop and floor. Persimmon motifs make a splash in the mostly neutral bathroom. When choosing wallpaper with a light background, opt for one with a cream, tan, or light gray background to ensure white bath fixtures stand out.

Splash of Good Cheer

Vibrant yellow and white stripes provide a whimsical counterpoint that flatters this bathroom's refined finishes and chic silhouettes. Deep yellow and gilded finishes share the same golden undertones and complement blues, purples, grays, and other jewel tones located across the color wheel.

Bright Idea

All you need is one high-contrast color to transform a ho-hum bathroom into an unconventionally charming chamber. In this bathroom, chartreuse walls highlight the room's traditional moldings and fixtures while introducing a modern sensibility. A streamlined black vanity and kicky shower curtain further the room's contemporary cachet.

A Fine Figure

A splash of scintillating coral shifts this bathroom out of neutral and into bold color territory. An old dresser-and-mirror set -- given new life with paint, a vessel sink, and a sleek faucet -- becomes a remarkable focal point that advances to center stage thanks to the gray and white paint colors chosen for the walls and wood floors. An extra touch? Painting the door a very dark navy adds another hue to the view.

Popular Bathroom Paint Colors

Navy blue makes a sophisticated statement in this elegantly appointed bathroom. Clad in light-to-dark blues, rectangular tiles behind the vanity bring movement, color, and star power to the otherwise neutral bathroom. An equally charismatic window treatment carries the navy hue to the wall behind the tub. A gilded chandelier and vanity done up in a dark finish partner with white marble surfaces to further the room's luxurious allure.

Black-and-White Delight

Black plus white equals a heaping helping of pizzazz. It's a simple and striking color formula that works well most anywhere, but it's especially at home in bathrooms with white fixtures. A granite countertop with specks of gray and a vanity with a plain profile and washed finish tone down the high-contrast striped walls.

Prettier in Pink

Another reason to love black-and-white schemes? The captivating and classic bathroom color combination plays well with all sorts of shades, including stony neutrals, soft pastels, and bold brights. In this bathroom, a lively patterned wallpaper holds its own when paired with a hot pink vanity and orange accessories. The overall effect is feminine, fun, and vivacious without appearing too girly.

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