27 Bathroom Color Ideas with Striking Style

shiplap walls glassed shower bathroom

Bathrooms are excellent rooms for experimenting with striking color schemes. Through wall colors, tile, flooring, accessories, and more, you can personalize a bathroom or powder room with a creative mix of your favorite colors. Take a cue from these bathroom color ideas to transform your bathroom into a stylish retreat.

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Powder Blue + Black + Tropical Brights

bathroom with toucan pattern wallpaper
Kim Cornelison

A toucan-patterned wallcovering sets a playful tone in this bathroom. The bright, tropical shades of pink, teal, and green are tempered with a muted powder blue on the vanity and wall paneling. Black accents appear on the striped tile floor, light fixture, and hardware to give the room a modern edge.

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Soft Sage + Vintage Red + White

green and white bathroom
Helen Norman

Pull bathroom color ideas from an existing decor piece for a cohesive palette. This bathroom's color inspiration comes from a vintage rug that combines rich red with muted shades of green. A soft sage wall color picks up the accent hue, while wood floors and natural materials complement the other warm neutrals in the rug. White trim and wall paneling provide crisp contrast.

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Aqua + Denim + Crisp White

shiplap walls glassed shower bathroom

Blue is one of the most popular paint colors for bathrooms. Play up the hue's calming attributes with soft shades of aqua and denim blue against a backdrop of crisp white. Here, shiplap walls and a subway-tiled shower provide a clean foundation, while turquoise accents and a painted vanity introduce color. A cooler shade of blue, seen in the rug, towels, and vanity accessories, blends well because it's the same intensity as the aqua color.

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Black + White + Wood Tones

black accents white bathroom
Julie Soefer

White-painted walls, wispy white countertops, and contrasting tile flooring look grounded with a collection of black accents in this primary bathroom. Inexpensive accessories, such as the thin black frame and black terra-cotta pots, make this look easy to re-create. The bathroom's black-and-white color scheme draws a modern juxtaposition to its natural wood furnishings.

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Grape + Forest Green + White

white bathroom border wallpaper
Brian McWeeney

Add charm to a cottage bathroom with vivid purple and forest green. The colors, seen here in the wallpaper, stimulate without overwhelming and draw the eyes upward to visually expand the small space. Reflect the coziness of cottage style by installing crisp white shiplap beneath. Aside from extreme rough patches, don't sand down imperfections on your shiplap boards; the small bumps and scratches are what give it that rustic feel.

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Cerulean + Orange + Chocolate Brown

blue vanity orange accent bath
Edmund Barr

Kick up calming blues with spots of energetic orange. Here, the blue-gray bathroom color scheme tempers the brightness of orange artwork and accessories. A rich brown stool and matching door frame cozy things up. Make this color upgrade easy on yourself by leaning artwork against the wall instead of reaching for the hammer and nails.

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Bubble Gum Pink + White + Black

pink vanity bathroom
Emily Followill

A splash of pink and pretty black-and-white floral wallpaper provides feminine flair in this bathroom. Clean white countertops, polished-nickel accents, and funky hardware sparkle against the bubble gum pink vanity. Choose paint with a high sheen for a luxurious glossy look, but remember that with reflective paints, it's essential to sand the surface well before painting.

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Matte Black + Yellow + White

white tile bathroom yellow accent
Reed Davis

This bathroom mixes classic white subway tile with vintage finds, such as the old farm stool and a refurbished wall sink. The underside of the sink is painted a matte black to add definition against all the white. Yellow and black accents dot the room.

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Fire-Engine Red + Crisp White

red vanity bathroom
Werner Straube

Don't be afraid to go bold with your bathroom color scheme. A bright red vanity shouts sophistication when paired with traditional accents like an ornate mirror, vintage chrome faucet, and sparkling wall sconces. Prevent a small space from becoming too busy by embracing loud color on a single item or wall. DIY these all-white wall accents with the help of an antique mirror and white spray paint. Use painters tape on the mirror to protect the surface.

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Blue + White + Black

bathroom blue vanity
Greg Scheidemann

Temper multiple shades of blue with monochromatic accents. In this powder room, blue patterned wallpaper provides a fun backdrop for a DIY dresser-turned-vanity painted in a similar shade. The satin paint on the vanity complements the black granite's polished sheen. The bathroom artwork incorporates both blue and black for a cohesive color scheme.

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Khaki + Gray + Canary Yellow

yellow accent bathroom
Jay Wilde

Take traditional shades like tan and gray to the next level with a pop of citrus color. Lemony accents brighten this otherwise monochromatic bathroom. Provide depth to the room and set off light khaki-color walls painted in an eggshell sheen by installing board-and-batten wainscoting painted in rich gray with a satin finish. This DIY project is surprisingly easy but makes a noticeable improvement.

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Purple + White + Brown

purple bathroom brown foot stool
Kim Cornelison

Evoke regal elegance in your bathroom with pretty purple walls. Here, a rich eggplant shade continues in honeycomb floor tiles. A white vanity and neutral wall trim prevent the hue from becoming too heavy. Chocolaty brown, seen on a footstool, brings warmth to the bathroom color scheme. Instead of ordinary paint, opt for a grass-cloth wallpaper. When painting over grass cloth, remember that it may take more coats than usual to cover all the grooves in the texture. An oil-based primer will help prep the intended area.

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Powder Blue + Buff Beige + White

Powder blue tile bathroom
Emily Followill

Powder blue tile looks cool and clean as this bathroom's statement feature. First, dress the rest of the room in soft whites to focus on the tile work. Then, match the wall color with the blue tile by asking your local paint expert for a white with cool tones.

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White + Butter Yellow

white yellow bathroom
James Salomon


A warm yellow and crisp white color palette creates a vintage feel in this primary bathroom. White-painted paneling covers three-fourths of the bathroom's walls, while the upper portion features a sunny-yellow hue. Paint thick, dark grout lines throughout the shower and floor tiling to emphasize the bathroom's vintage aesthetic.

Quick tip: Use a foam brush when painting grout to prevent brush hairs from coming loose.

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Midnight Blue + Turquoise + Green Apple

blue green bathroom wallpaper
John Bessler

In this half bath, one wall of patterned wallpaper is all it takes to make a bold statement. Bright green mixes with turquoise and a deep blue to form a splash bathroom color palette. A rustic wood vanity adds character while white accessories brighten the room. The round mirror mimics the floral patterned wall and makes the space feel larger. Small bathroom remodel ideas like this are great for a guest or teen bathroom.

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Seafoam + Cottage White + Silver

mint green bathroom
John Bessler

Pastel and white tones create a subtle yet stunning bathroom color scheme. Here, gleaming white and silver surfaces take on a cottage-style look thanks to seafoam green walls. Dark grout on the floor and the shower add visual interest to the planes of white.

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Bathroom Color Combinations

The perfect paint color is key to a fabulous bathroom color combination. Here are some of our top picks to inspire bathroom color ideas for your own home. Once your color scheme has been chosen, the rest of the bathroom remodel will come easily.

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Ocean Blue + Sandy White + Wood Tones

ocean blue tile bathroom shower
Paul Dyer

Popular bathroom color ideas often mimic hues you'd find on vacation. Here, a blue and seafoam green bathroom feels tropical and modern, a successful juxtaposition of design styles. Subtle variations in tone keep the tile from overwhelming, while wood tones and off-whites warm up the space.

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Chalkboard Black + Walnut + Pure White

dark gray bathroom walnut vanity
Edmund Barr

This not-quite-black bathroom paint color brings drama without being melodramatic. In this bathroom, the almost-black colors on the wall, tub exterior, and slate floor create continuity, while white shiplap paneling lightens the look. A mid-tone walnut vanity adds another strong tone, but the warm finish adds earthy appeal. In bathroom designs with neutrals, adding a pop of color or two via accessories will bring the space to life.

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Pebble Gray + Mustard Yellow

sleek grey bathroom vanity
Edmund Barr

Weathered-wood paneling adds character and texture to the sleek gray vanity in this bathroom. A trio of modern sconces and dark floor tiles give the room a contemporary feel, while mustard yellow hand towels add a punch of color. White accents provide visual relief from the dark colors, and a wood pocket door complements the rustic paneling.

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Charcoal Gray + White

gray white bathroom 2 sinks
Ed Gohlich

Cool, clean, and classic, this neutral bathroom color scheme treats gray as an accent color on the floor and in veined marble wainscoting. Texture plays a big part in this traditional bathroom design. The floor features an intricate herringbone pattern of rectangular tiles, bordered in black, white, and gray. Large-format rectangular tiles form the wainscoting, and gleaming polished-nickel fixtures pop against the quiet background. A matte-finish painted wall recedes against crisp white medicine cabinets.

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Nautical Blue + Terra-Cotta Orange

bold orange blue tile bathroom
Greg Schiedemann

Old meets new in a bathroom that combines vintage-style fixtures with a modern wall tiled in orange and blue. The complementary bathroom wall colors give the bath an energetic personality. At the same time, the classic white fixtures and deep baseboard create a place for the eye to rest. Light blue linens pick up colors used in the mosaic without looking abrasive (as orange might).

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Pale Pink + Bright White

white pale pink bathroom
Anthony Masterson

Pale pink bathroom wall colors and white beaded-board wainscoting create a romantic and feminine feel. Dark flooring contrasts nicely with the light colors, while a white pedestal sink makes the space feel crisp and clean. Molding around the window and plain baseboards gives the bathroom a finished look. A small window and curtain let natural light in without compromising privacy.

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Weathered Black + Cool White + Saffron

black bathroom yellow ottoman
Michael Partenio

With subtle variations, black and white bathroom colors can appear fresh and modern. Here, a black-stained vanity and wainscoting in a similar finish establish a moody atmosphere, while a white countertop and walls lighten the look. The white veining in the slate tile floor, emphasized by the white grout, ties the look together. Saffron yellow accessories provide peppy warmth.

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Mocha + Linen White

brow white bathroom
John Granen

Achieve cozy sophistication with this toasty bathroom color scheme. Brown walls warm up the space and emphasize the high ceilings. Crisp white trim, wood cabinetry, and white tile floors make the rich neutral pop. Accent the combination with yellow-green accessories as shown here for a bright, garden-inspired look, or use robin's-egg blue accessories to set a quieter mood.

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Black + Brown + Red

powder room black white patterned wallpaper red vanity
Edmund Barr

The best bathrooms look clean and sharp and make a statement. Here, a bright red vanity pairs with a romantic mirror to create the room's focal point. The detailed wallpaper pattern offsets the clean lines of the vanity. Dark flooring matches the vanity's wood accents and adds warmth to such a bold room.

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Chartreuse + Gray + White

chartreuse blooms bathroom walls
Werner Straube

Skeptical of wallpaper? Do a test run in a bathroom to try the best application techniques! Large-scale chartreuse blooms climbing the walls are a bold backdrop for this bathroom's crisp white pedestal sink. A brushed-nickel faucet and metal-frame mirror offer gleaming companionship for the wallcovering's gray stems and leaves.

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