12 Popular Bathroom Paint Colors Our Editors Swear By

charcoal colored walls and floor tiles with wooden vanity
Photo: Edmund Barr

Create a space that demands attention or promotes tranquility with our most popular bathroom paint picks. Whether you plan to remodel a primary bathroom or tiny powder room, our striking array of color options supports a broad range of personal styles. Choose one of these popular bathroom colors for your walls or vanity to create a fresh, inviting space.

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Soft Taupe

soft taupe bathroom with white towels hanging and folded on taupe shelf
John Bessler

Neutrals offer a realm of possibilities for bathroom paint colors. Look to warm and cozy taupe wall paint to pair with light greens, pinks, and blues, such as with this room's shower curtain and artwork. The soft hue makes even the smallest spaces feel luxurious and serene.

Bathroom Paint Color: Kid Gloves, Benjamin Moore

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Navy Blue

navy blue bathroom paint color cabinets and drawers
Jeff Herr

When it comes to bold bathroom paint colors, navy blue is clean, classic, and noteworthy. When paired with white, it creates stylish contrast. Navy blue can inspire all kinds of bathroom styles including nautical, traditional, and preppy. Here, it stands out on bathroom cabinets with a high sheen. The more reflective the paint surface, the more durable it is, which is an important factor in a hard-working bathroom.

Bathroom Paint Color: Gale Force, Sherwin-Williams

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bathroom with orange cabinets and dual mirrors
David Tsay

For some homeowners, traditional paint colors for bathrooms just don't cut it. In this bathroom, homeowners painted the vanity a bright red-orange paint color. It's an unexpected but cheerful way to start your mornings. For matching bathroom accent colors, consider teal or dark blue. The complementary shades will look striking next to each other.

Bathroom Paint Color: Clay Pot, PPG

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Ash Gray

ash gray painted vanity with orange flowers
Anthony Masterson

Incorporate the cool colors of granite and concrete into your paint for a contemporary twist on classic gray. Dark wood floors warm up the hue, while bright white trim adds palette-brightening contrast to ensure the result isn't drab. A black vanity provides a final touch of sophistication to these popular bathroom paint colors.

Bathroom Paint Color: Gray Huskie, Benjamin Moore

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parchment painted vanity with pink flowers and gold rimmed mirror
Laurie Black

Popular bathroom paint colors can set the tone for a space. Buttery whites, like this creamy bathroom paint color, boast a lush depth that warms too-cool spaces. Parchment-colored walls wash this space in soothing style that accentuates vintage decor. Metallic accents and a pop of pink complete the palette with tranquil elegance.

Bathroom Paint Color: Writer's Parchment, Behr

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Seafoam Green

sea foam green bathroom walls in white and gray bathroom
Beth Singer

Create a spa-like retreat with the coastal aesthetic of soft green paint. Paired with popular paint colors for bathrooms such as white, the hue bridges traditional and contemporary styles. Pull in an accent color such as beige to warm the refreshing combo.

Bathroom Paint Color: Hollingsworth Green, Benjamin Moore

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Clean White

clean white bathroom walls and charcoal tile floor
Beth Singer

Don't dismiss a bright-white bathroom as boring just yet. The classic neutral bathroom paint color can be easily dressed up with layers of texture. Look to salvaged wood, straw baskets, and shiny glass tiles to amp up the style factor of white bathroom wall paint.

Bathroom Paint Color: White Dove, Benjamin Moore

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Bonus! More Bathroom Paint Picks

Looking for more bathroom color inspiration? Discover seven additional shades we love! These popular bathroom paint colors will make your next bathroom makeover easy.

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Sky Blue

sky blue bathroom walls with white vanity and countertops
Marty Baldwin

With its reassuringly familiar associations with sea and sky, blue universally pleases. This plucked-from-the-outdoors shade promotes tranquility in the bathroom and can be used brilliantly as an accent wall. Versatile white cabinetry, trim, and flooring brighten the classic paint color for bathrooms.

Bathroom Paint Color: Soft Sky, Benjamin Moore

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Powdery Pink

powdery pink bathroom and white lower walls and sink
Anthony Masterson

A soft pink wall color provides a delicate backdrop for snowy white accents. Charming beaded board and shimmering silver finishes spotlight the bathroom paint color and prevent it from looking too sweet. The hue is warm, making it a nice choice for bathrooms with minimal light, yet subtle enough that it doesn't overwhelm a small space.

Bathroom Paint Color: Paris Romance, Benjamin Moore

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charcoal colored walls and floor tiles with wooden vanity
Edmund Barr

Warmer than other grays but not as harsh as black, charcoal provides a cool, contemporary feel that easily cozies up with patterns and accessories. Natural elements, such as this room's raw-wood vanity, help the hue look down to earth and prove a space doesn't need bright colors to be interesting. For a cohesive look, choose popular bathroom paint colors that you can also use to paint a stand-alone tub.

Bathroom Paint Color: Wrought Iron, Benjamin Moore

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Dusty Jade

dusty jade bathroom wall above white bathtub with glass tiles
Beth Singer

Craving calm? Look to nature as your guide to paint colors for bathrooms. A soft shade of leafy green ushers the outdoors in and remains relaxed with complementary accent colors like sandy beige. A white tub brings breathing space to the look.

Bathroom Paint Color: Nurture Green, Sherwin-Williams

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blue-gray bathroom walls with black vanity and mirrors
Gordon Beall

Beige isn't the only option when you want to promote peace and quiet. This bathroom mixes muddied-up shades of gray and blue with soft cream trim to achieve its soothing attitude. An accent band around the room's perimeter continues the color scheme and visually expands the space, while a few touches of black give it an of-the-moment update.

Bathroom Paint Color: Earl Grey, Sherwin-Williams

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What bathroom color is best when selling a house?

    According to a 2021 Zillow analysis, home buyers love blue bathrooms and reported that they would pay 1.6 percent more for bathrooms with soothing, light blue walls. Other popular choices include neutral colors like gray, off-white, or light yellow. 

  • Should I use a dark or light color in the bathroom?

    Deciding between light and dark colors ultimately comes down to personal preference because both can work well in a bathroom. Light colors will make the space feel more open and airy while dark colors (like charcoal, chocolate, or deep navy) can bring drama and a moody elegance. 

  • What are the most relaxing bathroom paint colors?

    Soothing neutrals in blue, green, and gray will help create a relaxing, spa-like vibe for your bathroom. Look for colors inspired by nature like soft sage, sky blue, and ash gray. If you prefer warmer colors, opt for a pale yellow, warm beige, or even a delicate blush color to give the space a welcoming glow. 

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