25 Bathroom Shelving Ideas to Keep Your Toiletries Organized

Store your bathroom supplies in style using these practical shelving ideas.

green wall with gold bathroom shelves

Alisa Bovino

Bathrooms are notorious for lacking proper storage, so you'll often have to get creative with a DIY system to tidy your toiletries. Installing or utilizing existing shelves is the easiest way to maximize storage space without crowding a room, and there are easy ways to blend them with the decor scheme of the room. Depending on the bathroom size you’re currently working with, you can dedicate an entire wall to storage or place a single small shelf in just the right spot.

Bathroom shelves can hold everything daily essentials like skincare serums and washcloths to decorative items like fresh flowers or framed artwork. To inspire your own creative storage solutions, we're sharing our best bathroom shelving ideas.

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Built-In Bathroom Storage

Bathroom with dark brick and marble
Annie Schlecther

A framed walk-in shower with a bit of free wall space next to it is the ideal spot for a tall built-in shelving unit. Matching hyacinth baskets provide storage while simultaneously hiding clutter and give the bathroom an overall luxe look.

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Simple Bathroom Shelving

wood shelves in bathroom


For a more minimalistic style, try hanging a set of plain wood floating shelves. A metal accent gives a slight edge while providing space to hang hand towels to dry. An apothecary jar filled with cotton balls, a pretty soap dish, and folded towels are now within reach without cluttering the countertops.

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Niche Bathroom Shelving

wood vanity with built in shelf near bathroom floor

Marty Baldwin

Carve out a niche in a tiled bathroom wall to create storage without sacrificing any square footage. A couple of small shelves are all you need to stack extra towels and washcloths for guests.

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Rolling Cart Storage Space

blue bathroom with metal shelf

Ann VanderWiel Wilde

A tiered cart on wheels provides ample space to place all of your toiletries, from a jar of soap bars to a basket of toilet paper. This mobile storage solution can be moved to various corners of the bathroom if needed.

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Bathroom Cabinet Shelves

white bathroom with metal shelves

Werner Segarra Photography

If you’re not a fan of visual clutter, try hiding shelves behind a door. A cabinet embedded into the bathroom wall camouflages bath time essentials, while keeping them within reach when you’re stepping out of the tub.

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Narrow Nook


Kim Cornelison

A sliver of empty wall space next to the bathroom sink can become a beautiful built-in storage solution and an opportunity to add decor. Use the narrow open shelves to display blue and white beach decor and tightly folded bath towels.

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Antique Armoire

shelving in bathroom next to bathtub

Julie Soefer

Make a statement by bringing in an oversized vintage cabinet and placing it on a wall near the bathtub. Keep a matching towel set on the shelves with glass front doors and tuck away miscellaneous items in the bottom cabinets.

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Farmhouse Bathroom Shelves

white bathroom with wood shelves above toilet

Jay Wilde

Add a bit of extra storage to a small bathroom by installing a pair of short shelves just above the toilet. Stick to a rustic theme by including earthy elements and neutral folded towels.

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Hide the Hamper

cream bathroom with storage nook

Cameron Sadeghpour

If you don't have space for it in your closet, store your hamper in the bathroom where it can collect dirty clothes. A tall built-in shelving unit in the bathroom is the ideal space to slide in a hamper that would otherwise be in the way.

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Vanity Storage

white bathroom cabinets and shelves

Christina Schmidhofer Photography

Similar to your bedroom, your bathroom should be a sanctuary of sorts. Make it a place to pamper yourself by installing a vanity with built-in storage. Organize makeup and skincare products within the drawers and then arrange towels and pretty storage containers on the open shelves.

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Over Sink Storage

white bathroom with white sink and wood shelf

Stacy Zarin Goldberg Photography 

Elevate your space with a ledge that lines a bathroom wall. This is especially helpful if you have a pedestal or wall-mounted sink that leaves you with minimal counter or vanity storage. 

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A Purposeful Niche

wallpaper bathroom nook

Lisa Romerein Photography

If you have a small empty alcove in the bathroom, don't let the storage space go to waste. Provide it with a purpose by utilizing a floating shelf for both decorative and storage items in lieu of cluttering up the countertops.

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Wall-Mounted Bathroom Shelving

gold shelf in bathroom above toilet


For a simple yet stylish solution, hang a multi-level shelving unit above the toilet. Assign a use to each level and shoot for storage containers in cohesive colors, sizes, and shapes.

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Built-In Bathroom Shelving

white bathroom with patterned curtain

Robert Peterson

Add substantial storage in a bathroom corner by way of built-in shelves, even if it’s under a sloped ceiling. Place shelf heights at different distances to make space for anything you’d like to keep out of the way.

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Beadboard Wall Shelf

neutral bathroom with shelf over bathtub

John Gruen

While a beadboard wall just behind a clawfoot bathtub is primarily a design statement, you can give an extra edge by attaching a short shelf to the top of the wainscoting. Corral a few candles and a vase of fresh flowers to turn bath nights into a true spa experience.

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Fancy Framed Shelves

green wall with gold bathroom shelves

Alisa Bovino

Another way to upgrade your bathroom is to install frame molding on a blank wall. Within the frame, include a couple of shelves held up by elegant gold brackets to store a basket of extra hand towels and charming decor pieces.

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Slimline Storage

slim white shelf in bathroom


An inexpensive and versatile fix for small spaces is to bring in a narrow rolling cart organizer. It can slide out from the thin gap between the sink and toilet while keeping your hair tools and beauty products within arms reach.

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Leaning Ladder Shelving

white tile bathroom with walk in shower


A wood ladder bookcase provides ample storage space without taking up much floor space. Due to its frame, you can keep a variety of items on it. Store oversized bath sheets on the largest bottom shelf, while small jars of cotton balls are best kept toward the top.

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Modern Bathroom Shelving

white bathroom with shelves

Adam Albright

A set of sleek black and gold shelves floating on an empty bathroom wall adds a contemporary look as well as a functional benefit. Prop a few framed pieces of minimalist art on top as well as a single jar containing your everyday makeup brushes.

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Recessed Bathtub Shelves

white bathroom with white tub and tile floor


Decant bath oils and salts in ornate bottles and apothecary jars before arranging them onto shelves within a wall niche above the tub. This saves space in your vanity or bathroom closet but they’ll still remain close by when it’s time to wind down.

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Shower Supply Shelf

black and white mural detail in shower tile

Stacey Brandford

Similarly, you can include a shower niche inside a walk-in as opposed to on the bathroom wall. These small shelves are relatively inexpensive to install and provide much-needed storage for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles that are otherwise cumbersome to keep orderly.

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Accent Wall with Storage

wood shelves in bathroom with wallpaper


Between the patterned wallpaper and artisan vases, the corner of this bathroom gives a Mediterranean feel. A neat towel stack with accompanying dry brush have a home on the middle shelf, encouraging you to indulge in self care no matter where you are in the world.

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Glass Cabinet Shelves

shelves in cream color bathroom

Edmund Barr

Open glass shelving in this bathroom closet only adds to the sophistication of the space. Keep storage simple by neatly folding coordinating towels onto them and then placing a high quality hamper at the bottom.

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Countertop and Shelving Combo

wood cabinets with wood shelves in bathroom

Edmund Barr

All surface space is valuable, especially in a bathroom. Have floating shelves installed above a countertop and create the ultimate oasis. Keep towels rolled like you would see at the day spa and use vintage clear jars to organize sponges and soaps.

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Under the Sink Shelving

bathroom vanity with gold mirror

Jared Kuzia

Don’t disregard a lower vanity shelf as wasted space. Use the open area to your advantage and line up matching baskets stuffed with extra toilet paper rolls, towels, or hair tools so they’re always readily available.

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