10 Bathroom Mirror Ideas to Reflect Your Style

Design your dream bathroom or upgrade an existing space with these clever mirror ideas.

antique inspired mirrors

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to modernize a bathroom is to bring in a new mirror. Whether you're designing a brand new space or planning a simple upgrade, choosing the right mirror can make all the difference. A mirror is a must-have in any bathroom, and not just for getting ready in the mornings. If you're working with a tight space, adding a mirror can make even the smallest powder room look larger.

When choosing your next bathroom mirror, consider the design style you're going for. A sleek round mirror works well in a midcentury modern bathroom, whereas a bronze patina mirror is a good choice for a more traditional or Victorian style. To help inspire your next bathroom refresh, we're sharing our favorite bathroom mirror ideas.

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Rounded Edge Mirror

rectangle bathroom mirror with rounded edge

Werner Straube 

Put a twist on the classic rectangular mirror by opting for one with rounded edges on the top. Paired with the nickel sconces and farmhouse sink, the mirror in this bathroom perfectly walks the line between modern and farmhouse for a look that's simple and streamlined. Keep in mind that horizontal mirrors should be placed so that your eyeline is in the center.

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Full Wall Mirror

Wall sized mirror

Edmund Barr

Adding a mirror to an entire wall can give the appearance that your bathroom has doubled in size. You'll likely need a custom design to get the perfect fit for your space, which gives you the opportunity to customize the frame color and shape to perfectly march your space. If you're lucky enough to find a wall mirror that fits your dimensions, consult a professional before you attempt to hang it as these types of mirrors are extremely heavy and usually require extra anchoring.

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Frameless Bathroom Mirrors

double arched bathroom mirrors

Jay Wilde

While some frameless mirrors look unfinished, there are a few instances where they're preferable. The double mirrors in this bathroom don't compete with the busy tile pattern or the custom vanity. The sinks are close enough together that one large mirror would have worked, but the two smaller mirrors helps break up the space, allowing more tile to peek through. In lieu of a distracting frame, these mirrors are draped with greenery that can be swapped out seasonally.

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Make a Statement with Shape

bathroom mirror with 4 petal shape

John Bessler

For a glam look, try a clover-shaped mirror in your bathroom, such as this clover-shaped mirror. With its beaded frame and unique shape, this mirror creates a focal point above the vanity. Powder rooms and guest bathrooms are an ideal place for small or oddly-shaped mirrors because they aren't used as frequently.

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Antique Bathroom Mirrors

antique inspired mirrors

Nathan Schroder Photography

Check out second-hand stores or estate sales to score a gorgeous vintage mirror with some patina. Because they're so rare, you usually won't find thrifted mirrors in matching sets—but you can create the look yourself with a pair of new mirrors and a coat of antique-style gold spray paint. The bold look of the gold mirrors in this bathroom leans Art Deco, but you could opt for a matte or crackled finish if you're hoping for more of a historic look.

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Midcentury Bathroom Mirror

midcentury round bathroom mirror

Adam Albright

A circular mirror looks right at home in this midcentury black and white bathroom. A round mirror brings a softness to a room that typically has a lot of harsh corners. Here, it breaks up the pattern of straight lines seen in the tile, shower wall, shelves, and vanity. When using a round mirror, pay special attention to size. When in doubt, err on the larger side, as round mirrors tend to look smaller than they really are.

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Double Vanity Mirrors

double rectangle mirrors in bathroom

Edmund Barr

With a slightly industrial feel, these side-by-side mirrors offer an edgy element to this sleek bathroom. When shopping for mirrors to hang above a double sink, you can't go wrong with vertical rectangles. This shape allows you to see yourself from the waist up (which can be helpful for getting ready) and also makes the space feel taller.

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Rectangular Bathroom Mirror

rectangular bathroom mirror with shelf

Kritsada Panichgul

One of our favorite bathroom mirror hacks is to use a rectangular floor mirror over a vanity. Floor mirrors are usually less expensive than custom bathroom mirrors, and by turning one sideways, you can cover a vanity with two sinks. Depending on the weight of the mirror and the hanging hardware included, you may want to have a professional hang it or add reinforcement to make sure it stays put.

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Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Mirrors

modern farmhouse wood bathroom mirrors

Nathan Schroder Photography

For a farmhouse touch that doesn't feel too rustic, hang mirrors with wood frames against a tile backsplash. The nickel hardware and glossy black vanity add a bit of modernity that's offset by the wooden touches. For a style like this, it's okay if the frames aren't exactly identical as long as they're the same size and shape. If you're on a budget or are handy with tools, try this DIY farmhouse mirror.

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Paneled Bathroom Mirror

three paneled bathroom mirror

Anthony-Masterson Photography

You might think a triple paneled look is reserved for medicine cabinets, but this bathroom proves you can elevate the look by expanding the size. Rather than a costly wall mirror, cover the space with three rectangular panels instead. Lighting between the panels not only looks chic, but adds lighting for an ideal hair and makeup station.

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