Barbiecore Is the Hot Pink Home Trend That Will Be Everywhere in 2023

Plus, how to decorate your dream house.

There’s a new trend on the block and it comes with a big personality. Meet Barbiecore, the pretty-in-pink aesthetic du jour that’s sweeping homes in anticipation of the upcoming Barbie film, slated to release in 2023. So what exactly is the look? It turns out, that's largely open to interpretation.

A room with a pink wall and a pink ceiling.


“Rooted in Y2K nostalgia, Barbiecore embraces all that is fun and whimsical in the world, from fashion to home decor,” says Heather Goerzen, Havenly design editor. And we’re not just talking bubblegum-pink convertibles and towering dream houses. Whether through paint colors, linens, textiles, and more, the ways to achieve this more-is-more trend are countless. Here’s everything you need to know about Barbiecore for 2023 and beyond.  

Barbiecore pink living room

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What Is Barbiecore?

“Barbiecore is a fun and natural progression of where we’ve seen home trends moving the past few years,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “Pink’s popularity isn’t new but it’s evolving. For example, when millennial pink was introduced just a few years ago, that trend in itself came from the rose gold megatrend and an interest in the warming up of neutrals and the desire for color after a decade of grays and cool whites.”

Instead of a step up from the subdued, Barbiecore provides a blast of color and personality that can also be surprisingly versatile. “While the pink popularized by Barbie is specific, the color pink has a wide range of tones and shades, from cheery to neutral, that can appeal to anyone,” says Wadden. 

Barbiecore pink dining room with bubble chandelier

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How to Decorate with Barbiecore Style

The one rule for using Barbiecore in your decor? There are no rules. At least that’s Goerzen’s stance. “Throw out the rulebook and let your imagination guide you. Lean into statement silhouettes featuring waves and curves, play with pattern, and don’t be afraid of color,” she says.

Goerzen also points to lounge-worthy furniture as a decidedly cozy part of this trend. Think settees and sofas that invite you to linger in comfort while Ken does all the heavy lifting.

Although the Barbiecore color palette has a certain amount of undeniable whimsy, the silhouettes and arrangements popular with this trend are certainly shaking things up too. “This translates to imaginative silhouettes, bold and dynamic patterns, vintage mid-mod pieces, and of course, the clever use of color, including Barbie’s signature pink,” says Goerzen. “Above all, there’s an unabashed sense of filling your home with the things you love.”

If you’re looking for a more literal interpretation of the Barbiecore trend by sticking to punches of pink, the possibilities are still endless. “There are many ways to incorporate pink into the home, whether you’re looking to fully immerse yourself in the color or just dip your toes in,” says Wadden. “You can start small by adding a bold, saturated color like Eros Pink SW 6860 on a painted piece of furniture or go a little bigger by using Exuberant Pink SW 6840 on an accent wall in a home office or as an entryway focal point.” She recommends pairing them with crisp neutrals and whites to really make the rosy shades pop. 

entryway with pink ceiling and pink door

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

The Best Barbiecore Pink Paint Colors

Depending on how you prefer to style Barbiecore in your space, there are a variety of well-suited paint colors to choose from and all can provide classic appeal. “There’s a timelessness to pinks that will always cue feminine chic, whether with a more romantic twist or that playful whimsy,” says Goerzen. Whether going more bold or bashful, the possibilities are endless. “Bright and playful pinks are perfect for reenergizing a space while softer pinks pulled from more tonal palettes, like Redend Point SW 9081, can offer more versatility for those who want to bring the hue home but would prefer not to follow the trend exactly,” says Wadden. 

Confidently selecting paint colors is a unique challenge when it comes to any hue, let alone the energetic shades of Barbiecore. “I always recommend starting with something you love as inspiration, like a couch, pillow, rug, or piece of artwork,” suggests Wadden. “Using colors from those pieces to help guide your paint palette choices will help create harmony in your home and make your space feel like your own.” She also points to the importance of considering how you want the space to feel. If your aesthetic skews warmer, opt for similar tones with a warm pink like Bella Pink SW 6596. If you're after cool hues, select a paint color like Loveable SW 6590. Wadden suggests Jovial SW 6611 or Rose SW 6290 for a more playful take and Blushing SW 6617 for a light and airy feel. 

If you find yourself second-guessing your Barbiecore choices, all isn’t lost. “The great thing about paint is that it’s budget-friendly when you DIY, and can easily be painted back when you’re in the mood for a different look,” says Goerzen. 

bathroom with pink vanity and pineapple wallpaper

Better Homes & Gardens / Julie Soefer

Subtle Ways to Bring Home Barbiecore 

“While many Barbiecore spaces are very bold and dynamic, almost more like pop-art fun, there are certainly ways to embrace more of her ‘business chic,’ so to speak,” says Goerzen. “Consider more moody, romantic shades of pink alongside dramatic art and eye-catching lighting (think a bubble chandelier) for a look that’s still whimsical and dreamy, but with a polished edge.”

As for paint colors that skew more subtle than siren, Wadden says there’s plenty to play with. From the inviting Charming Pink SW 6309 to versatile Rachel Pink SW 0026 and even Hopeful Pink SW 6597, pink paint colors can be used as a neutral when and where needed. This is especially helpful if you’re looking to explore the Barbiecore aesthetic but aren’t willing to go all in—at least not yet. 

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