Backyard Hammock Ideas for a Relaxing Escape

Create an idyllic retreat with this fun outdoor accessory.

hammock hanging in manicured backyard

Bob Stefko

It doesn’t get much better than an afternoon nap in a hammock, being rocked to sleep by a gentle breeze to the sound of rustling leaves. Whether it’s freestanding or stretched between two trees, a hammock is the perfect addition to your outdoor space and is guaranteed to be the comfy spot everyone fights over.

Hammocks come in various styles, sizes, designs, and price points, providing plenty of options to choose from. Some are lightweight and easy to pack, which makes them a great choice for a camping trip in the great outdoors. Others have elaborate handmade tassel details for a beautiful decorative addition to your sunroom. And others are double-wide, waterproof, and make for a relaxing reading spot under the shade of a tall tree. Add this fun outdoor accessory to your own backyard to create an idyllic retreat to enjoy for years to come.

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Macramé Hammock

hammock with quilt and pillows

Better Homes & Gardens / Adam Albright

To recreate this dreamy hammock scene in your own backyard, you’ll need two sturdy trees that are up to 14 feet apart. Most hammocks are 10 feet long and have ties at either end to secure them to trees. Or you can weave thick rope through the loops as done here. Woven macramé details add a boho-inspired decorative touch to your backyard and pastel throw pillows and a cozy quilt are perfect accessories for an outdoor nap.

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Screen Porch Hammock

covered deck with hammock and patio furniture

Better Homes & Gardens / Brie Williams

Hammocks aren’t just for the outdoors. Hang one in your screened-in porch and enjoy a book and some ice-cold lemonade whether the sun is out or it’s pouring rain. Depending on the insulation of your porch, you can relax in the hammock year-round. This setup achieves the best of all seasons. A woven hammock features a spreader bar so that it doesn’t bunch up. It's secured to hooks installed in load-bearing columns to ensure it doesn’t fall. In the event that you need extra space, simply take the hammock off the hooks and remove it when guests are over.

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Freestanding Hammock

hammock hanging in backyard

Better Homes & Gardens / Bob Stefko

Just because you don’t have any large trees in your yard doesn’t mean you can’t have a hammock. This oasis-like backyard features a freestanding hammock with curved metal posts to hold it in place. The double-wide woven green hammock blends right in with the surrounding greenery and feels like an organic part of the outdoor space. Use posts secured in the ground or a hammock that comes with its own stand if you’re limited by a lack of trees.

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Boho-Inspired Hammock

artsy back porch decor with balcony and hammock

Better Homes & Gardens / Erin Kunkel

A stunning macramé hammock brings a boho-inspired feel to this deck. It fits in beautifully with a deep rattan daybed, round stone table, and mixed patterns to create a casual outdoor space. The backyard hammock is hung on two deck posts for stability, but the placement also provides shade for comfort and a quiet resting spot slightly removed from the hub of conversation. Lush hanging and potted plants surround the hammock to evoke the feeling of being surrounded by nature at a faraway retreat. 

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Sunroom Hammock

red, white, and blue striped hammock and mini table

Better Homes & Gardens / Adam Albright

Hang a hammock in a sunroom for use throughout multiple seasons. This striped red, white, blue, and turquoise hammock pops against an all-white space for a fresh, relaxing feel. A matching turquoise side table provides a spot to put down a drink and a book, while colorful throw pillows add comfort and carry on the color scheme. Hang a hammock from hooks attached to load-bearing walls or posts and remove it and roll it up for easy storage when not using it or when the space is needed for another activity.

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Secluded Backyard Hammock

neutral colored hammock in backyard by water structure

Better Homes & Gardens / Jay Wilde

This backyard is what dreams are made of—tall trees to provide shade and greenery, a water fountain for a beautiful focal point and the soothing sound of trickling water, and a hammock to relax and take in the surroundings. It’s hung away from the outdoor seating area and close to the fountain for an extra soothing effect. The neutral color of the canvas and wood spreader bar blend in with the earth tones in the backyard for an elevated look. Use a colorful pillow and blanket for a pop of color—and for added comfort, of course! 

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Hammock Under a Pergola

hammock hanging in stone landscaped backyard

Better Homes & Gardens / Erica George Dines

Create a secluded hideaway with a backyard hammock under a pergola. This woven hammock is suspended directly from pergola beams that create shade and, along with the surrounding tall trees, provide privacy. Climbing vines around the columns and a hanging potted plant enhance the magical garden feel by surrounding the hammock with nature.

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Privacy Paradise

lush plant-filled backyard with stone path and hammock

Better Homes & Gardens / Marion Brenner

Tucked away under tall trees and surrounded by an array of blooming plants and bushes, this backyard hammock is the ultimate place to relax. There’s plenty of shade for comfort, it’s far enough from the house to be removed from the hustle and bustle, and it provides a full view of the yard. If you’re planning on using your hammock for a moment of calm, reading, or sleeping, place it in a spot that’s more secluded. 

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Bright and Colorful Hammock

colorful hammock on brick patio

Better Homes & Gardens / Tria Giovan

A striped hammock hangs from two trees in this fun and colorful backyard. The red, yellow, and green hammock ties in with brightly colored chairs that liven up an otherwise all-paved outdoor space. Together, they add a whimsical vibrancy under a canopy of tall trees. Place the hammock at the end of your yard near a deck or patio to form an area perfect for a quiet nap that's still part of the dining and entertaining space. An outdoor rug below the hammock helps highlight the seating area and provides another layer of color and texture.

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