Tieghan Gerard

Tieghan Gerard is a well-known food blogger known for her brand Half Baked Harvest. She is also a former food writer for Better Homes & Gardens. She began her impressive career when she was just a teenager after moving from Cleveland, Ohio, to Colorado. Inspired by the seasons, especially fall in Colorado, she created Half Baked Harvest where she highlights some of her favorite do-it-yourself foods such as pizza, pasta, and homemade burrata. Now she makes appearances on cooking segments for ABC News and YouTube.

Tieghan started out with an idea to work in fashion design after graduating from high school, but after her food blog Half Baked Harvest gained momentum, she found herself to be a rising star in the foodie sector. A former guest contributor for Better Homes & Gardens, Tieghan's work can aslo be seen in The Little Market, Glamour magazine, and Youtube. She has written three cookbooks: Half Baked Harvest Cookbook, Half Baked Harvest Super Simple, and Half Baked Harvest Every Day.

Tieghan Gerard began her food blog as a teenager. She had always enjoyed cooking for her big family and continued to work on the blog leading up until graduation. While in high school, she took courses at a local community college and traveled to Los Angeles to learn about fashion design. However, as her Half Baked Harvest grew in momentum, she realized that she had found a new career for herself. Now, Tieghan Gerard has written three different cookbooks and several features in magazines, including Better Homes & Gardens, Glamour, Shape, and Self. She also has been featured by The New Market on Youtube and has made television appearances for ABC News cooking segments.

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