Karen Wytmans headshot
Karen Wytmans headshot

Karen Wytmans

After working for over two decades as a research and development engineer and product development manager in the high-tech industry, Karen made a leap of faith to leave it all behind and start a new career with a clean slate. She now draws on that expertise to write and teach. Karen enjoys sharing her love of engineering and finance with her readers and high school engineering students. She is a certified PLTW engineering teacher and robotics coach. She has lived abroad in Europe and southeast Asia and always has her passport at the ready. Karen holds a B.S in Chemical Engineering from UC San Diego and an MBA from the University of San Diego. She worked for over 20 years for Hewlett-Packard Company as a research and development engineer and later product development manager. She holds 4 patents for her work related to inkjet printing. Karen worked abroad in Singapore as a Field Service Employee for HP for three years. She left HP in 2016 to teach high school engineering, she is currently developing the Engineering Pathway at Mt. Carmel High School in the Poway Unified School District and is a Project Lead the Way certified teacher and Lead Teacher with Strategic Energy Innovations. Karen is passionate about the environment and volunteered with San Diego Coastkeeper, she is a co-founder and Data Management Coordinator with the North San Diego County Watershed Monitoring Program and a member of the San Diego County Citizens Water Academy.
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