Coryanne Ettiene

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Title: Food and Lifestyle Writer
Education: King’s College
Location: Dallas, Texas
Expertise: Food, Recipes, Gardening, Lifestyle, Sustainability

Coryanne Ettiene left her job in the corporate sector and began developing recipes and blogging about her lifestyle for her brand, Housewife Bliss. She began to write for magazines such as Better Homes & Gardens, Traditional Home, and Women’s Day. She also worked at AOL as a food and lifestyle writer. Now, she lives and works in New York City and blogs for a new brand, Kitchen Living. She also does public speaking about her transition from a corporate job to the domestic sphere, explaining how she has found contentment in cooking, gardening, and traditionally domestic activities. She also has advertised for the Idaho Potato Commission and VeeTee rice products. In 2015, she founded Ettiene Market, a local market for toxin-free, sustainable household products.


  • Founder of Housewife Bliss and Kitchen Living lifestyle blogs
  • Public speaker and presenter on home and gardening topics
  • TV show presenter for Cooking with Coryanne and iFoodTV
  • Owner of Ettiene Market for sustainable products
  • Writer for Better Homes & Gardens and Women’s Day


Coryanne transitioned from a corporate job in order to raise her three kids and found her passion in the kitchen and garden. As a home cook, Coryanne discovered how playful and fun working in the kitchen could be as she developed recipes and created her own blog about her experience, Housewife Bliss. Eventually, she grew a following and wrote for several home and lifestyle publications, including Better Homes & Gardens and Traditional Home. Her new brand, Kitchen Living, has allowed her to continue writing about food and lifestyle while also running Ettiene Market in McKinney, Texas. Coryanne also began making television appearances on a program called Cooking for Coryanne on iFoodTV. She tours as a public speaker discussing traditional home life, embracing a slower pace in life, and promoting sustainability.


Coryanne graduated with a master of philosophy degree from King’s College, London.

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