Amy Janssen Smith

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Amy Janssen Smith has nearly 30 years of experience in communications and marketing working at non-profit organizations, government agencies and private companies and running her own small business.

This unique path allowed her to develop expertise in communications planning, crisis communications, internal communications, media relations, content creation, graphic design, social media, mentoring and being an entrepreneur.

Amy has built effective relationships with customers, colleagues and partners. She has a keen ability to engage and encourage others, and has built a reputation as an exceptional writer, skilled collaborator and trusted colleague.

Throughout her career, Amy has written hundreds of articles, news releases, blogs, white papers, speeches and online content pieces, showcasing her versatility in writing across the spectrum of styles from technical to news to social media. In addition, she has tackled an extremely wide range of topics, including conversation, social issues, healthcare, gardening and everything in between.

Throughout her 10-year career with the USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service, Amy was recruited for three special assignments and two interim leadership positions, She was selected to participate in a highly competitive leadership development program and received three promotions. Finally, Amy received nearly 20 awards, including the USDA Certificate of Merit, the department's highest honor.

While working for a non-profit organization that helps children with disabilities and their families, Amy spearheaded a TV and print cause marketing campaign that generated 30 percent increase in donations. The campaign also received three Awards of Excellence from Central Iowans in Radio and Television.

During a six-year, long-term freelance relationship with the Iowa Association of REALTORS, Amy received the annual Presidential Award from the organization in two years (one time from each of two different presidents).

Amy has mentored and coached nearly 20 colleagues who have since moved into varying levels of leadership positions in their respective careers.

After founding WordSmith Communications in 2005, Amy has grown its portfolio to 30 clients, including numerous highly respected non-profit organizations and businesses in Iowa.

In addition, with more than 50 years around the sun, Amy also has much to share on topics including finding a work/life balance at various ages, parenting babies to young adults, finding yourself after 50 (living your best life at 50), what no one told you about menopause, overcoming anxiety and depression during a global pandemic, and much more. This aspect of Amy's writing career is relatively untapped at this point, but she plans to start writing her first book soon.

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