These 10 Under-$30 Amazon Pantry Organizers Will Instantly Streamline Your Kitchen

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Most home cooks rely on a well-stocked pantry. Housing essentials like baking ingredients (flour, sugar, brown sugar), rice, beans, pastas, nuts, seeds, cornstarch, oils and vinegars, and of course, a variety of spices is a lot to keep track of let alone finding the space to hold it all. That’s where clever pantry organizers come in, and Amazon is the place to find the storage solutions that’ll fit your needs at an affordable price. 

Amazon’s Pantry Organization store is a subsection of its Organize Everything marketplace designed to keep high-traffic areas neat and tidy. Within the storefront you’ll find organizers like food storage container sets, food storage bins, lazy Susans, and cabinet shelves to streamline your pantry. It even extends to general cabinet solutions like lid organizers, tiered under-sink drawers, and more. 

The Amazon section has several product pages, but we narrowed it down to the 10 best pantry and cabinet organizers. Plus, they’re all under $30 to get you organized on a budget. Shop our favorite picks below. 

Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set

Chef's Path Airtight Food Storage Containers


Few things are more frustrating than grabbing that box of opened cereal or pasta to find that you don’t have enough to make a full meal. This food storage container set provides a streamlined visibility that store-bought packages lack. The space-saving set comes with four tall, 2.46-quart airtight containers that can fit spaghetti, cereal, rice, beans, nuts, and more. It even includes chalkboard markers to label your staples.

Buy It: Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set, $22 with coupon (was $35), Amazon

ClearSpace Plastic Pantry Storage Bins

ClearSpace Plastic Pantry Organization and Food Storage Bin


Half-opened snack boxes can eat up a lot of space in pantries, but this set of storage bins makes it easy to stow granola bars, applesauce pouches, fruit snacks, and nut packets. The pantry storage bins keep everything within reach and its slim, stackable profile won’t take up precious cabinet space. Grab another set to place in the fridge or freezer, too. 

Buy It: ClearSpace Plastic Pantry Storage Bins, ($20, Amazon)

mDesign Metal Wire Cabinet Door Mount Organizer

mDesign Farmhouse Metal Wire Wall & Cabinet Door Mount


Overflowing cabinets? Check for unused space. These cabinet door mounts offer extra room for boxes of sandwich bags, cleaning supplies, cookbooks, bakeware, and more. The set of two baskets measure 11.75 x 4 x 8.2 inches and comes with the hardware to install them. 

Buy It: mDesign Metal Wire Cabinet Door Mount Organizer, ($26, Amazon)

Oxo Good Grips Pop Container

OXO Good Grips POP Container


Airtight-sealed containers are a must-have for pantries, fridges, and freezers alike, and one of the most popular options comes from Oxo. The Pop container is ideal for baking ingredients like flour and sugar, but it’s also great for keeping coffee beans fresh, preventing the risk of them absorbing odors from other foods. And it’s dishwasher safe. 

Buy It: Oxo Good Grips Pop Container, ($16, Amazon)

ClearSpace Plastic Lazy Susan 

ClearSpace Plastic Lazy Susan Cabinet Organizer


A lazy Susan is essential for the spices you utilize on a daily basis. Think: salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, parsley, oregano, paprika, and more. The acrylic turntable saves you from digging through a plethora of spice jars and condiments to get the jar you need. It has a 360-degree glide on stainless steel bearings and high sides, so your ingredients stay in place as you turn it. 

Buy It: ClearSpace Plastic Lazy Susan, $23 (was $30), Amazon

Joseph Joseph CupboardStore Cabinet Door Lid Organizer 

Joseph Joseph CupboardStore Cabinet Door Pan Lid Organizer


If your cookware cabinet looks a bit disheveled, consider this door-mounted lid organizer. The four-piece set holds saucepan and stock pot lids, so you can stack your cookware snugly in your cabinets. The organizers fit medium-size glass or stainless steel lids ranging from 6 to 9.5 inches in diameter, just note that cast iron lids may be too heavy for the strips. For installation, simply attach a 3M command strip to the back of the organizers and place them on the door of your cabinet. 

Buy It: Joseph Joseph CupboardStore Cabinet Door Lid Organizer, ($12, Amazon)

Songmics Cabinet Organizer Shelf Set

SONGMICS Cabinet Organizer Shelf


Another pantry space-saver, this shelf set can double the storage capacity of cabinets by utilizing vertical space. Place the two-pack next to each other in large pantry closets or stack them to create a tiered storage solution on your countertops. It’s great for holding cans, jars, canisters, and boxes in your pantry or stowing small kitchen appliances and utensils on the shelf thanks to its 33-pound capacity. 

Buy It: Songmics Cabinet Organizer Shelf Set, $20 with Prime (was $30), Amazon

SimpleHouseware Two-Tier Sliding Cabinet

Simple Houseware 2 Tier Sliding Cabinet Basket Organizer


Condense your under-sink supplies by adding this two-tier sliding drawer set. It can store cleaning supplies and overflow pantry items like canned food while taking advantage of vertical space. It comes in five colors for only $25. 

Buy It: SimpleHouseware Two-Tier Sliding Cabinet, $25 (was $30), Amazon

Leaves and Trees Y Stackable Kitchen Canisters Set

LEAVES AND TREES Y Stackable Kitchen Canisters Set


Every kitchen needs a set of airtight canisters to store baking supplies, rice, beans, pasta, and more, and this five-piece set is just as beautiful as it is functional. It comes with two small and, two medium canisters as well as one large canister for different items, and they’re both dishwasher and microwave safe. Grab it for 43% off right now. 

Buy It: Leaves and Trees Y Stackable Kitchen Canisters Set, $28 with coupon (was $50), Amazon

Swommoly Expandable Lid Organizer

SWOMMOLY Expandable Food Storage Container Lid Organizer


One of the biggest organization problems in the pantry is the dreaded food storage container cupboard. The cabinet or drawer typically houses containers of all different sizes, and while you can stack most of the containers, the lids simply slide around or topple over. Enter: this expandable organizer designed specifically for those lids. It can store up to 40 lids and it comes with six adjustable dividers to fit or storage needs. 

Buy It: Swommoly Expandable Lid Organizer, $15 with coupon (was $30), Amazon

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