Aldi’s Famous Wine, Cheese, and Beer Advent Calendars Are Now Available

Head to your nearest Aldi’s to stock up on these legendary Advent calendars before they’re gone.

Aldi's cheese and wine advent calendars for 2022 on green overlay

Aldi; Design: Better Homes & Gardens

’Tis the season for counting down to Christmas—or ’tis the season for Advent calendars, in other words. Advent calendars, whether they’re DIY Advent calendars or store-bought, are a fun and often tasty way to count down the days until Christmas, and few Advent calendars pack as much fun into a relatively tiny package as Aldi’s do. Aldi’s Wine Advent Calendar is the stuff of legend (and passionate internet fervor), as are Aldi’s Cheese Advent Calendar and the Beer Advent Calendar.

Aldi's wine Advent calendar for 2022


With that hubbub, of course, comes the challenge of actually obtaining one (or many) of these delightful foodie Advent calendars. We’ve got good news on that front: As of November 2, all three of Aldi’s exceedingly popular Advent calendars—plus several others that seem equally fantastic—are available for purchase. Availability is only as long as supplies last, though, so if you want to indulge in Aldi’s Wine Advent Calendar this year, you should act fast.

Aldi’s wide selection of Advent calendars is available in stores starting November 2. While Aldi does have options for grocery delivery and curbside pickup, if you’re determined to get your hands on that Cheese Advent Calendar this year, you may be best served by heading to your nearest store as soon as possible to purchase it yourself.

Aldi's beer Advent calendar for 2022


Aldi’s Advent calendar selection for 2022 includes the wine, beer, and cheese calendars, of course, plus a number of new additions, including a hot sauce Advent calendar and a candle Advent calendar.

In maybe the best news of the season, the 2022 Wine Advent Calendar and the 2022 Beer Advent Calendar are available at the same low price as the 2021 calendars: $59.99 and $49.99, respectively. The cheese calendar costs $16.99 (which seems like a steal for 24 days of tasty cheese morsels), while the new Bay Island Hot Sauce Advent Calendar is priced at $19.99.

Aldi's hot sauce Advent calendar for 2022


The cheese and beer calendars feature 24 options for 24 days of festive joy; other Advent calendars have different numbering (the hot sauce calendar has 25, for example), so shop carefully if you have particularly strong feelings about the number of days included in your Advent calendar.

The list of Aldi Advent calendar offerings available starting November 2 includes:

  • Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar
  • Beer Advent Calendar
  • Holiday Magic Wine Advent Calendar
  • Emporium Selection Cheese Advent Calendar
  • Moser Roth 8 Nights of Hanukkah
  • Bay Island Hot Sauce Advent Calendar
  • Huntington Home Candle Advent Calendar
  • Merry Moments My Friend Gnome Kit
  • Pure Being Dog Advent Calendar
  • Pure Being Cat Advent Calendar
  • Moser Roth 24 Day Chocolate Truffle Advent Calendar
  • Choceur Kids Advent Calendar
  • Moser Roth Luxury Chocolate Advent Calendar
  • Barissimo Coffee Advent Calendar

While your Advent calendar consumption options are completely up to you, to make the most of the season, you may want to pace yourself and commit to enjoying only the designated treat on each day of the Christmas season. That said, if you can’t help yourself and end up sampling all your new hot sauces or fancy cheeses in one sitting—maybe even before the start of December—we get it.

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