25 Accent Wall Ideas for Every Space in Your Home

Create a bold statement without the full commitment by experimenting with an accent wall.

a jungle-themed kids room with pink flamingo art, a jute rug, and palm leaf wallpaper

Hector Sanchez

An accent wall allows you to get creative with your space in a subtle way. If you’re dipping your toes into a remodel or just finding your design style, it’s an excellent way to try something different without overwhelming your space. Options range from paint, wallpaper, molding, and more, so you can create a design focal point to match whatever type of aesthetic you’re craving.

Whether you're starting a bathroom remodel or just looking to refresh your bedroom color scheme, we're sharing our best accent wall ideas to help you get started.

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Add Texture with Molding

a teal room with a pink and gold four poster bed and a chandelier

Jay Wilde

If you're not a fan of patterned wallpaper but still want to add some intrigue, consider adding texture instead. Add a unique design with molding or wall paneling, then cover it with a solid coat of paint for a subtle yet impactful accent wall.

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Wood Paneling Accent Wall

bedroom with wood paneling and black, gray and white accents

John Bessler

For a sophisticated rustic aesthetic, consider creating a wood plank accent wall. The natural material—paired with furniture in the same tone—gives a modern look next to classic black-and-white walls and ceiling.

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Focal Piece

blush colored floral wall mural in living room
Carson Downing

Keep a living room accent wall sweet and simple with a subtle design in a light shade. An all-white wall provides a neutral backdrop for a singular oversized flower motif that is bound to be a conversation starter among guests.

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Tropical Accent Wall

a jungle-themed kids room with pink flamingo art, a jute rug, and palm leaf wallpaper

Hector Sanchez

Create a tropical oasis within the comfort of your own home. Palm leaf wallpaper provides the ideal backdrop for a light pink headboard and neutral bedding. Pair the pattern with a pineapple sconce, jute rug, and framed flamingo art for a statement look worthy of a vacation getaway.

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Tiled Accent Wall

a bathroom with a honey-tiled alcove with a bath and a cheetah print stool

Kim Cornelison

A bathroom alcove with a standing tub is the perfect opportunity to create a tiled accent wall. Small cork tiles create a striking contrast with the white walls throughout the rest of the bathroom.

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Framed Mural

chandelier living room vintage trunk mural
Hector Sanchez

If you want to try something unique, hang a larger-than-life art piece on one wall in the living room. Or install a large piece of wallpaper and frame it with wood molding. This monochromatic mural takes up almost the entire entryway wall and provides visual interest and depth.

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Two-Tone Accent Wall

a room divided in black and white with soft pink accent colors

Brie Williams

Black, white, and gold come together to create a luxuriously modern feel in this bedroom. Accentuate the wall behind the bed with box trim and a two tone wall. To make the ceilings appear taller, always use the darker shade on the lower half of the wall.

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Nautical Accent Wall

attic room with a wave wallpaper design around three big windows and two twin beds with green painted wood

Edmund Barr

Give a nautical-theme kid’s bedroom an upgrade with ocean motif wallpaper. The blue-and-white patterned wall is the focal point of this shared space, complementing the ceiling that’s reminiscent of a boat hull.

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Starry Skies

a coat room with gold and gray accents

Jay Wilde

Whether it be guests or your own family that walks through the door each day, give everyone a warm welcome with this playful accent wall. A slate tiled wall is adorned with scattered stars in the entryway for an unexpected design element everyone will adore.

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Modern Country

a white and gray bedroom with terracotta accents

James Nathan Schroeder

Embrace your inner country spirit with a cozy farmhouse bedroom. Add a matte black accent wall behind a shiplap headboard for a modern, refined touch. Not a fan of farmhouse? Swap out the cow print and shiplap headboard for a contemporary space that could fit any design style.

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Bedroom Accent Wall

a beautiful inlaid wood accent wall in a white bedroom

John Granen

Give your sanctuary a bold focal point in the form of a wood accent wall. Angle single wood slats so they come together in a subtle chevron shape above the head of the bed. The light wood stain works well for this rustic bedroom, but you could also paint the wall for a textured pop of color.

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Kitchen Nook Accent Wall

black cabinets with neutral ashy wood in a dining area with a bench nook

Jay Wilde

If you’re fortunate enough to have a little extra room in the kitchen—or even a separate bar area—dress it up with a pop of color. Delicate and subtle floral wallpaper makes the small space stand out and feel inviting. If you don't have a space like this in your kitchen, you can get the same effect with a mudroom station or built-ins.

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Black and White Accent Wall

black living room patterned wallpaper

Jay Wilde

Calling all DIYers: You can easily create a unique accent wall with a few strokes of chalk paint. Plan out the design ahead of time and spend a rainy afternoon in your creative element. The beauty of this design is that it doesn't have to be perfect—meaning you don't have to be a an artist to mimic the wallpapered look.

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Bedroom Wallpaper

a soft pastel room with floral wallpaper and baby deer imagery

Adam Albright

If your child is one with nature, bring it indoors for them to enjoy. A lively patterned floral wall in soft, pretty colors blends well with wildlife-themed decor, ruffled bedding, and a wooden nightstand.

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Map Print Bedroom Accent Wall

a nautical room with map wallpaper and a round cubby nightstand

Brie Williams

If traveling is part of your personality, an accent map wall might be right up your alley. Hang world maps in your bedroom so you can dream about your next travel destination as you drift off to sleep. Create a cohesive look by investing in map-print wallpaper, or use wall adhesive to hang mismatched paper maps for a more DIY look.

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Pair Wallpaper with Painted Walls

a coral pink bed with blue and teal wallpaper and a plant area by the window

David A. Land

A bold or patterned accent wall doesn't have to accompany boring gray or white walls. Here, the main bedroom wall is covered in a blue floral wallpaper, while the rest of the room is painted a solid deep blue to match. A contrasting orange headboard puts the finishing touch on an already cheerful bedroom.

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Nautical Nights

a white shiplap room

Jason Donnelly

A horizontal shiplap accent wall gives this small bedroom a burst of personality. Generally considered to be a farmhouse trend, give it a coastal twist by pairing it with deep blues and framed oceanic art.

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Geometric Dreams

geometric wall designs in a black and white bedroom

Edmund Barr

Simple yet stylish, a pair of painted abstract shapes above a bed gives an otherwise minimalist bedroom some visual—and colorful—interest. Here, the painted design takes the place of a traditional headboard, centering the bed and providing visual interest.

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Subtle Sophistication

a white and black room with a glossy cherry wood floor and a pendant light

Anna D. Schlechter

Refine your midcentury modern living space with a matte black accent wall. Infuse more pops of the moody shade in the furniture, window trim, and wall art for a cohesive look.

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Standout Style

a bright warm bedroom with orange and pink accents and an abstract pink and tan wall

Carson Downing

Go big and bold with an artistic accent wall that steals the spotlight of any room. This is another design you can create yourself with minimal artistic skills: Just sketch out a few squiggly lines and paint over them in a bold color. Keep the rest of the space minimalist and muted to let your work shine.

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Rustic Shiplap Wall

a camp-style bunkbed room with shiplap wall

Anne D. Schlechter

A dark brown shiplap accent wall, along with the industrial style bunk bed, gives this kids' bedroom a grown-up feel. The red, white, and blue bedding and accessories pop against the dark wall, keeping the space playful.

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Color Block Walls

a teal and coral accent herringbone wall in a child's bedroom

Laura Moss

This whimsical accent wall combines contrasting pastel shades in a geometric design for an eye-catching accent wall. If you’re going to color block with bright colors, keep the remainder of the room neutral with an all white furniture set.

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Interactive Entryway

chalkboard wall with shelf and plants. dog laying on the floor


Rather than use a family command center calendar, consider a painted chalkboard accent wall. You can easily remind yourselves of important appointments, grocery lists, and leave loving (or silly) notes for one another.

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One with Nature

a jungle bathroom with green tile and birch tree wallpaper over a natural wood vanity

David A. Land

Bring a subtle spa feel to your next bathroom refresh with an abundance of greenery and other natural elements such as driftwood. Take it a step further and include a wallpapered accent wall behind the sink that features a calming forest feel, or green floor tile that mimics grass.

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Geometric Accent Wall

a black and white kitchen with natural wood accents

Helen Elizabeth Norman

Embrace, or even celebrate, imperfection with an accent wall full of randomly placed hexagons in a few different colors. It’s an easy way to add character to a blank wall, and doesn't require any artistic talent. If you live in a rental, you can get the same look by cutting shapes from removable wallpaper sheets.

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