These 2023 Bedroom Design Trends Will Give You Sweet Dreams

From colors to furniture selection and more, these are the bedroom trends you’ll be seeing everywhere in the year ahead.

New year, new bedroom? Don’t mind if we do. This year, instead of focusing on resolutions, we’re turning attention toward improvements that will pay off in spades—and bring all the joy. It’s time to cozy up for a bedroom refresh. Interior designers have identified the top bedroom decor trends for the year ahead. With fresh prints, elegant furnishings, and collected looks, the forecast is looking bright. 

Bedroom decor trends are not only a way to bring an added dose of style to your snooze quarters, but they also help create a haven that you look forward to curling up in after a long day. Whether you put one or all of these trends to use in your space, just be sure they speak to you. After all, there is arguably no space in your home more deserving of a little extra care. 

blue and white bedroom with floral wallpaper
Annie Schlechter

1. Large-Scale Furnishings

Have we mentioned it’s all about comfort lately? Coley Hull, founder of Coley Home, says she’s seen buying trends skew toward king beds over the past few years. “I think people are realizing that if you can fit a king, you might as well!” she says. 

Oversize furniture, open floor plans, and a general more-is-more mentality are all here to stay in 2023, and king beds nestle perfectly within that lineup. Hull has also seen a lot of interest from clients in bedroom chaises, which provide yet another place to read, scroll, or rest. 

bedroom with muted textured wallpaper
Kim Cornelison

2. Neutral Colors (Plus, a Surprising Bold Shade) 

Neutral tones will continue to be popular, maintaining a sense of calm and escape,” says Brad Sherman, cofounder of Float Studio with Nina Etnier. But that doesn't equate to boring interiors. Instead, use a neutral color scheme to play up texture. “In a recent residential project, we used lime-washed neutrals, including a light gray in the bedroom, to add textural interest to the muted tones,” says Sherman. “Custom oak millwork around the windows brought a sense of warmth and contrast with natural tone and texture.” 

If neutrals aren't your idea of fun, there's another shade to consider that might be surprising. Hull says an orange obsession is on the horizon. “Orange can be a difficult color, but we are seeing more and more orders come through in orange shades,” she says. “It’s definitely trending.”

green bedroom with yellow and red accents

David Tsay

3. Layered Textures and Prints

Texture has been trending throughout the home space in areas beyond the bedroom, but putting them to use in more personal spaces can have benefits beyond aesthetics. Layering textures creates an unparalleled warmth and cocoon-like environment, that can be a true oasis. “Mohair and luxury textures are a hit,” says Hull. “We launched a green mohair in October and people have gone crazy over it.”

If you prefer a different route, a similar result can be achieved through the use of prints. From headboards to wall coverings, bedding, and more, texture and pattern adds interest and loads of personality wherever it’s applied. 

modern rustic bedroom with fireplace
Dane Tashima

4. Custom Furniture

In no space is finding exactly what you’re looking for quite so important as the bedroom. “We customize furniture regularly as part of our design practice to ensure that a piece meets the exact needs of a client,” says Sherman. “This also gives them greater control over materials and shape to ensure that the piece is not only sustainable in its materiality, but that it will be used just as well in this home as it will be in the next.” 

There are times when what is desired can already be found on the showroom floor of your favorite furniture store but if that's not the case, let your imagination take flight with a custom piece with heirloom appeal.

master bedroom natural window treatments
Hector Sanchez

5. Collected Aesthetic

Gone are the days of buying an entire matching bedroom set. Now it’s all about thoughtful curation that helps you build the space of your dream over time. “By collecting artful, meaningful objects, be it fixtures, pieces of furniture, or actual art, a space takes on a more relaxed and personal atmosphere,” says Etnier. “We firmly believe small details make a big impact and, when taken collectively, define the soul of a space.”

One way this can be achieved is through mixing metals and finishes. Etnier says lighting fixtures with various finishes or making hardware swaps are surefire ways to bring a sense of timelessness to the space. “The result is a refined yet inviting home that acknowledges its resident(s) and establishes a sense of comfort and peace for them,” she says. 

blue green master bedroom with rug dark wood accents and white bed sheets
Erin Kunkel

6. Timeless Design

An emphasis on quality is a bedroom decorating trend with lasting appeal. Both Etnier and Sherman believe that the move toward more sustainable and ecologically conscious homes will mean a definite skewing toward pieces that are built to last. The result is furnishings that are lifers.

No longer will a new decade require a full overhaul. Instead, the foundational pieces can stay the same, allowing more periphery items to create an updated look that acknowledges the current time but still emphasizes the craftsmanship and detail in the original lineup. It’s at once timeless and appealing regardless of the aesthetic.

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