Plant Kween and 1-800-Flowers Launch an Easy-Care Houseplant Collaboration

Bring some botanical love into your home with the new collaboration between Brooklyn-based plant influencer Plant Kween and

Plant Kween for 1800Flowers

From philodendrons and ferns to fiddle leaf figs, houseplants are all the rage these days. Just peek at social media and you’ll find more than 9 million posts under the hashtag “houseplants,” and more than 8 million posts under the hashtag “plantlover” on Instagram. For one influencer, though, this trend is about much more than pretty plants.

Brooklyn-based Christopher Griffin—known to their adoring fans as the Plant Kween—is partnering with 1-800-Flowers to offer a collection of houseplants that are perfect for green thumbs and novice plant parents alike. Starting February 22 (and for a limited time), you can get a lush assortment of on-trend plants that have been curated by Griffin—including a couple of Griffin’s favorites, the snake plant, and the ZZ plant.

Griffin has made a name for themself as an Instagram plant influencer who offers advice on plant parenthood through a lens of joy, passion, mindfulness, self-care, and community-building. Griffin’s self-proclaimed mission is to build a diverse and inclusive online community of plant enthusiasts who can share in the joy and happiness plants can bring. Griffin’s exuberant approach to raising “green gurls” is why we were so excited to hear they are launching this collaboration.

Plant Kween x 1800Flowers Collab ZZ Plant

In addition to their plant picks, Griffin and 1-800-Flowers are also offering an on-demand Plant Kween Succulent Garden Workshop with step-by-step instructions on how to design a beautiful tabletop succulent garden using Griffin’s most coveted tips and tricks. When you sign up, you’ll get a kit delivered to your door that includes an array of hand-picked, hardy succulents, an eco-friendly coconut coir soil mix, and a terracotta planter. Grab up the Plant Kween plant babies quickly—because they are sure to sell out—and for more tips, check out the 1-800-Flowers blog, Petal Talk, where you can find an exclusive Q&A with the Plant Kween, as well as plant care tips, how-to tutorials, and other home gardening ideas.

Griffin, who is also the author of You Grow, Gurl, a book about the joys and journeys of plant parenthood, believes that caring for plants is a form of self-care, noting in an Instagram post, “We can learn a lot about how we treat ourselves, how we treat others, and how we navigate the world from these green li’l creatures.”

You can order curated plants or sign up for the Plant Kween Succulent Garden Workshop with 1-800-Flowers starting February 22.

Plant Kween x 1800Flowers Collab Succulent Garden Kit

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