With twinkling blue eyes, a thick fur coat, spunky spirit, and friendly charm, a Siberian Husky is hard to resist. Celebrate Russia's most striking dog with these must-have items.

By Tamara Kraus
March 01, 2017
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Petsmart Bone Charm Pendant

Who said bestie necklaces are only for your human friends? Take your dog relationship to the next level and seal the deal with this matching necklace and dog pendant set for you and your Husky.

Price: $12.99

Pup Up to Par

Can't fathom leaving your Siberian Husky while you hit the putting green? Top off your golf clubs with a friendly, plush header that'll give you some extra luck to get a hole in one.

Price: $30.99


Save your hands from burning on piping-hot meals with these cool-as-ice pot holders featuring your favorite dog breed. They're durable and made of insulated fabric, but more important, these holders will make you smile.

Price: $21.68


Ready to become a doggone-good artist? Look no further than this adult coloring book, which will bring one of America's favorite dogs to life with blank pages waiting for your artistic touch.

Price: $5.38

Fur Patrol

While we have an unshakable love for our furry friends, we're not so keen on the piles of fur they leave behind everywhere. Luckily, this cool invention—called a lint roller—will sweep away pesky pieces of fur on anything from your couch to your sleek black jacket.

Price: $10.49

Siberian Snaps

What's better than a photo of your pooch at your desk? A photo accompanied by a hand-painted frame with a lifelike Husky holding itself up!

Price: $14.41

Bright Idea

It's no secret that a Siberian Husky is one of the world's most brilliant dog breeds, and this lightswitch cover might match the dog in that regard. The steel cover is durable and slightly oversized, making it the perfect touch in any room.

Price: $9.95

Sweet Treat

Whether you're having a party or simply having a baking night for a party of one, this Siberian Husky cookie cutter will make your treats that much tastier.

Price: $14.79


The only way to make the best of any situation is to make a joke out of it, and this T-shirt certainly achieves. With the words "I'm a Siberian Husky Mom...This Is How I Roll" written on the front, this shirt is guaranteed to make someone's day.

Price: $19.95

Out of Your Hair

While we don't mind constantly being reminded of our beloved animals, we would prefer not to see traces of their fur on everything we own. With the Miele Complete C3 vacuum, made especially for cat and dog hair, no hair will ever be left behind. The turbo brush picks up hair in a snap, and the 180-degree rotation makes getting into hard-to-reach places a cinch.

Price: $949


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