March 18

Tidy Up: Clean Every Kitchen Surface

Make counters, floors, and your appliances shine with cleaning how-tos from this week's batch of Tidy Up tips. We'll help you banish dirt and grime to make your kitchen sparkling clean.

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March 17

BH&G Celebrate: Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Celebrate Irish heritage today with tips from BH&G Celebrate. We have ideas on what to wear, what to cook, and, of course, what to drink so everyone has fun.

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March 16

March Madness! These Recipes are a Sure-Fire Win

Basketball fans will love this collection of foods to enjoy while watching the game, especially dunking and dipping into this easy, cheesy pizza-flavor dip. When it comes to hot appetizer recipes, this one is a slam dunk!

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March 15

Plant Your Plate: Grow This Produce Year After Year

BH&G is all about the farm-to-fork movement, even if that "farm" is your kitchen windowsill! Get practical and proven advice on what to grow and learn how to use the veggies and fruits from your garden with healthful recipe ideas from our Eating Well partners.

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March 14

Gear Up for St. Paddy's Day with Fun Food Ideas

Make these fun cookies for St. Patrick's Day celebrations later this week. Kids will love the shimmering green sprinkles and just the right amount of mint.

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March 13

Refresh: You've Got to Try These Creative Paint Ideas for Every Room

A little time, a can of paint, and some elbow grease are all that's between you and a brand new space! Find inspiration and how-to tips in this week's batch of BH&G Refresh ideas. Our ideas will help you fall in love with your home all over again.

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March 12

Eat This Now: Our Best Boozy Sweet Treats to Try

Take the ordinary out of everyday desserts with ideas from our Eat This Now collection of boozy recipes, including frozen treats and spiked baked goods. These literally intoxicating desserts pack a little extra punch into every bite.

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