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How to Get More Hydrangea Flowers

Get more from your garden with our tips to encourage your hydrangeas to produce more flowers.
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DIY Asian-Inspired Main Dishes Way Better Than Takeout

Skip ordering takeout tonight and make an Asian-inspired recipe at home! Chinese-, Thai-, Vietnamese-, and Japanese-inspired recipes are all here: stir-fries, noodle bowls, tofu dishes, mu shus, and more.
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America's Best Front Yard

We’re in search of America’s Best Front Yard, and we want to see yours! If curb appeal is your middle name and your garden is the envy of the neighbors, you could win $2,500, and have your yard featured in the pages of Better Homes & Gardens and on
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Our Favorite Farmhouse Exteriors

Antique finds and fresh finishes are lively additions to any home. Combine them with clean lines, aged wood, and neutral backdrops to capture the true essence of modern farmhouse style.
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6 Exercises That Will Help Tone Your Arms Fast

It's time for your arms to come out of hiding. These simple and effective moves will sculpt your arms and upper body—plus, they're perfect for busy schedules because you only need to do two sets of 15 each.
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Assemble a Mini Greenhouse in Your Backyard

In half a day, you can have a fully built backyard greenhouse with a little help from friends or family.
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Summer Potluck Recipes

If you need easy potluck ideas, we've got the right recipe for every scenario. From classics like potato salad and pasta salad to new favorites like gooey butter bars, our potluck recipes are ready whenever you need to make and take.
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The 18 Best Perennial Plants for Shade

Brighten up sheltered spots in your landscape with these easy-to-grow, colorful shade plants that come back year after year. These pretty shade perennials can make masked areas the greatest points of interest in your garden.
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Almost-Too-Easy 30-Minute Meals

These speedy suppers, including burgers, pasta dinners, casseroles, and more, are all the proof you need to end your long-term relationship with the drive-through. Turn to any of these 30-minute meals on busy nights for a wholesome, satisfying, and family-friendly dinner.
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Weed Identification Guide

Don't let weeds rob your garden of its beauty. Use our guide to help identify and control these troublesome pests.
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Cleaning Hacks to Add to Your Bag of Tricks

Be a better and faster cleaner with these clever ideas that use why-didn't-I-think-of-that tools and creative techniques that help take the work out of your chore list. So tuck these ideas into your bag of tricks and consider your home cleaning done.
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26 Best Perennial Varieties for Your Garden

Here's an easy-grow collection of the best, most beautiful perennial flowers that are perfect for any garden—especially if you're a beginner!
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11 Habits of Extremely Likeable People

Many of them will prove that your mom was right about a few things.