Our Complete Guide to White Wine

How to Pair White Wine and Cheese

Host a fabulous wine and cheese party with our suggestions for white wine and cheese pairings. We recommend buying handcrafted artisan cheeses--resist the urge to serve little cubes of cheese. When in doubt, choose cheeses made from each of the three sources of milk -- cow, goat, and sheep -- to create a wide flavor palate. Not all white wines pair well with cheese, but we get you started with cheese pairings for three different white wines.

Pinot Grigio

Pair this light and mild Italian white wine with Scamorza cheese, a firm and mildly smoky cow's milk cheese from Italy.


This tangy and sweet white wine pairs well with Gruyere, a mild and nutty cheese made with cow's milk from France and Switzerland.

Sauvignon Blanc

Fresh goat cheese, with its earthy and mild flavor, goes great with this bold and fruity white wine.