12 Easy-to-Make Wedding Centerpieces

Liven up wedding reception tables with easy centerpiece ideas. These crafted or floral table toppers are gorgeous and easy to make. Best of all, each centerpiece idea is customizable to fit your wedding colors and budget.

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Wedding Makeup for the Guest

Wedding guest makeup can be tricky, especially on long, warm days! We show you how to apply makeup that¿s perfect for attending a wedding, including secrets to help your look stay flawless through the last dance.

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Sweet Bridal Shower Party Ideas

Calling all bridesmaids! Throw the blushing bride-to-be a shower that's as memorable as the big day. With inventive and inspiring bridal shower themes and ideas -- vintage tea parties, glampouts, mimosa bars, and more -- your girl will be glowing all the way to the alter.

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Editors' Picks: 30 Best Bouquets

We've selected the 30 prettiest bouquets to inspire you on your big day.

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Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Set the scene for a gorgeous wedding reception with our ideas for fresh, flower-filled centerpieces. The materials and flowers used in your centerpieces are great launching points for the rest of your wedding decorations.

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Easy-to-Make Wedding Favors

Send wedding guests away with pretty party favors. We're sharing our favorite DIY wedding favors, including sweet treats and gorgeous gifts.

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Natural Beauty Wedding Reception Menu

A stunning outdoor property sets the tone for this vibrant, sophisticated, and elegant wedding and reception dinner.

Planning makes this refined menu come off perfectly.

  • Mango Cappuccino
  • Crab Cocktail with Lemon Aioli
  • Pork Tenderloins with Fruit Chutney
  • Superb Roasted Potatoes
  • California Heirloom Insalata
  • Breadsticks
  • Pomegranate Martinis

Mango Cappuccino

Chilled mango cappuccino balances the smooth fruity taste of mangoes with a kick of ginger, chipotle peppers, and a chili powder garnish.

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Crab Cocktail with Lemon Aioli

Traditionally garlicky aioli gets a zesty twist of lemon in this crabmeat cocktail. Black or red caviar and pairs of spiky chive stems are the garnishes.

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Pork Tenderloins with Fruit Chutney

Pork tenderloin is easy to serve at a large party. It gets a measure of festivity from being paired with fruit chutney.

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Superb Roasted Potatoes

These savory potatoes are best if served right after they are roasted, and they couldn't be easier to make.

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California Heirloom Insalata

Bocconicini, small nuggets of fresh mozzarella, are packaged in whey or water. Fresh mozzarella is more tender and delicate tasting than regular mozzarella.

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A variety of coatings makes these breadsticks especially flavorful and interesting. Coiled ends add festive flair.

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Pomegranate Martinis

View Pomegranate Martinis recipe

Up to 1 month ahead:

  • Make and freeze breadsticks.

Up to 6 hours ahead:

  • Arrange tomatoes and cheese for insalata on platters; cover and chill.
  • Prepare ingredients for martinis.
  • Spoon cappuccino into serving glasses; cover and chill.

In the 2 hours ahead:

  • Make creme fraiche for cappuccino; cover and chill.
  • Beat whipping cream into aioli.
  • Assemble crab cocktails; cover and chill.
  • Prepare and roast potatoes; keep warm.
  • Warm foil-wrapped tenderloins in oven; reheat fruit chutney.

Just before serving:

  • Prepare assortment of martinis.
  • Top insalata with basil and dressing.
  • Slice pork and arrange on warm serving platter.
  • Place roasted potatoes in warm serving dish.
  • Top cappuccinos with creme fraiche and chili pepper.

Final Hours

  • Enlist help of three or four people for last hours of food prep.
  • Give each person clear direction.
  • One person can prepare the martinis.
  • One person can make the potatoes and insalata and arrange breadsticks.
  • One person handles the reheating and presentation of the pork with chutney.
  • One person can help finish Mango Cappuccino and Crab Cocktail. Any spare helpers can lend a hand spooning, garnishing, and wiping drips off sides of glasses as time allows.

Food Safety

  • Make sure platters for cold dishes are chilled.
  • Platters for hot dishes should be hot.
  • Heat lamps and chafing dishes will help pork and potatoes warm once they are on the serving table.

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