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Easy 3-Ingredient Party Appetizers

These so-easy appetizers only call for three ingredients. We've come up with these delicious flavor combinations to help you take the work and stress out of party food prep.


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    • Honey & Goat Cheese Crackers

      Crackers + Goat Cheese + Honey

      Store-bought rosemary crackers get a party-time facelift with the sweet and tangy topping of honey and goat cheese. Try different cracker flavors to spice up this easy appetizer.

    • Caprese Skewers

      Mozzarella Balls + Cherry Tomatoes + Bread Cubes

      This fun twist on caprese salad -- generous slices of buffalo mozzarella cheese and juicy tomatoes -- combines the same fresh flavors into a more compact, party-friendly finger food. Look for ovalini (tiny mozzarella balls) in the cheese section of your grocery store, and sandwich each between a bread cube and cherry tomato. Secure with a toothpick.

    • Pear & Blue Cheese Baguette Slices

      Blue Cheese + Baguette Slices + Pear Slices

      For your next party, top grilled baguette slices with sweet pear slices and tangy blue cheese for a party -- they'll disappear as fast as it takes you to make more.

    • Hummus & Cucumber Chips

      Potato Chips + Cucumber Slices + Hummus

      Instead of serving a bowl of chips and dip, try this quick party hit. Place cucumber and hummus atop salt-and-pepper kettle potato chips to add creamy flavor and a cooler crunch.

    • Jam & Cheese Crackers

      White Cheddar Cheese + Sweet Biscuit Crackers + Apricot Jam

      Combine the delectable duo of sweet and savory with this simple snack. Top sweet biscuit crackers with extra-sharp white cheddar cheese, then add a dollop of apricot jam.

    • Date, Cheese & Prosciutto Skewers

      Medjool Dates + Gouda Cheese + Prosciutto

      Use a toothpick to bring together sweet Medjool dates, salty prosciutto, and a mini wedge of creamy gouda cheese. You'll love the well-rounded results!

    • Pesto & Provolone Sandwich

      Vegetable Focaccia + Pesto + Provolone Cheese

      For a classic party favorite, sandwich store-bought pesto (or homemade if you prefer) and a slice of mild provolone cheese between two slices of veggie-topped focaccia. This pizzalike party creation is sure to be an instant hit.

    • Pistachio-Cranberry Cheese Roll

      Goat Cheese + Pistachios + Cranberries

      Cover soft goat cheese with sweet dried cranberries and salty pistachio pieces for a great party log. To make, mix the two toppings together and spread them out on a flat surface. Roll the cheese over them, gently pressing down until the whole surface is covered.

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