15+ Pinterest Wedding Ideas to Try

Get ready for the happiest day of your life with our collection of Pinterest-worthy wedding ideas. Including wedding centerpieces, favors, flowers, and more, these DIY ideas are perfect for your dream day.

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Flower Arranging

Learn how to arrange flowers and create a beautiful, colorful bouquet.

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Pretty Place Cards from Crafting Scraps

Nothing to buy here! Pretty place cards welcome guests and take you just a few minutes with a few on-hand supplies.

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Editors' Picks: Wedding Invitations

From modern to traditional, we've searched through thousands of wedding invitations to bring you our top picks.

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Pretty Wedding Trends

From selfie stations to fresh greenery, Better Homes and Gardens is sharing our favorite wedding trends of 2015. DIY cocktail stations, naked cakes, and pops of carnival color are just some of the freshest ideas for personalizing your dream wedding.

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Just Engaged...Where to Start Planning

He's popped the question. You've said yes. Now that you're engaged, we'll tell you what you need to do first.

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Beautiful Bouquets for Fall Weddings

You'll adore by these pretty autumn-inspired bouquets.

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Easy Party Dessert Ideas

These easy party dessert ideas pack outstanding taste in bite-size desserts. Impress your guests with mini desserts served in fun and pretty party style.


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    • Peanut Butter-Chocolate Squares

      The layers of this peanut butter and chocolate pairing create a beautiful dessert. The combination of flavors will make guests swoon.

      Editor's Tip: If you're not sure how much food and drink you'll need for your party, get our free Appetizer and Beverage Quantity guides, available below, to help you plan exactly the right

    • Peach Melba Pie Pops

      Party guests will feel like kids at a candy store when they spy pie pops on the dessert table. These show-off desserts hide a delicious peach-and-raspberry filling that will have guests buzzing.

    • Easy Berry Cheesecakes

      These little cupcakes hide a flavor secret. The surprise is how easy the pretty desserts are to create with white cupcakes, cream cheese frosting, and fresh fruit.

    • Party Cake Pops

      Guests may have trouble choosing from this pretty assortment of cake pops. Easy to make, the pops feature party-pleasing toppings covering flavorful cake centers.

    • Greek Baklava Bars

      Bursting with honey, nuts, and spices, this Greek classic is a surprisingly easy way to impress party guests with a beautiful, bite-size dessert.

    • Strawberry Cheesecake Tartlets

      Perfect for a party buffet, tiny tartlets pack rich flavor into a bite-size package. A topping of yummy strawberry preserves crowns each cheesecake, giving the dessert party-pleasing color and taste.

    • Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Caramel Thumbprint Cookies

      Delightful thumbprint cookies are stacked with gooey caramel, smooth chocolate, and crunchy nuts for a fun party dessert with sophisticated flavor pairings.

    • Browned Butter Toffee Tartlets

      The browned butter in this custard-style filling has a delightful nutty flavor, adding warm richness to the toffee-topped mini tarts.

    • Bourbon-Brownie Petits Fours

      When you want a one-bite dessert to star at your party, turn to these petits fours. Infused with bourbon and coffee, the flavors are as impressive as the presentation.

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      Browned Butter-Glazed Macadamia Moons

      The charming crescent shape of these nut-filled cookies adds sophisticated character to your party dessert table.

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      Black Forest Cupcakes

      Every party needs a dessert that puts the cherry on top of the festivities. Chocolate and cherries are a classic flavor combination that make cupcakes a party delight.

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      Fudge Ripple Turtle Brownies

      Brownies drenched in chocolate, caramel, and nuts will delight party guests with their rich flavor.

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      Strawberry-Lemon Bars

      Classic lemon bars don party attire when glazed and dressed with lovely red strawberries.

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      Homemade Chocolate Cannoli

      Show off with these Italian sweets. The filling and shells can be made well ahead of the party. It takes only minutes to fill the shells with pretty swirls of rich ricotta filling.

      Editor's Tip: If you don't have time to make your own cannoli shells, purchase premade shells online or at specialty shops and some supermarkets. To keep the shells crisp, chill the finished dessert no more than one hour. Impress your guests with the simple homemade filling and your pretty presentation.

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      Triple Shortbread Bites

      With one easy recipe you can serve three scrumptious party desserts. Dress a five-ingredient shortbread recipe for the party in three ways: lemon-raspberry, chocolate-cashew, and simple spritz.

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      Chocolate Chip-Cookie Dough Truffles

      Filled with all the sweet pleasure of cookie dough, these truffles show party-perfect style. The no-fuss dessert will make guests think you slaved over preparation, but they come together in 30 minutes.

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      Chocolate-Dipped Bacon

      Bacon for dessert? You bet. Create a party sensation with crisp bacon strips dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with pistachios, almonds, or cashews.

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      Mocha Chewies

      Coffee fans will adore these no-bake wonders. You'll adore the easy preparation and party-worthy appeal.

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      Chocolate-Rum Petits Fours

      The deep chocolate color of these mini cakes displays nicely against glassware or other shiny serving pieces. Their rich, rum-infused flavor adds to the party feel.

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      Classic Truffles

      These sweet truffles will be the talk of any dessert table. While guests moon over their luscious flavor and lovely presentation, you'll be secretly pleased to know how easy it was to make all three variations.

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      Cherry Crumble Pie Bars

      Pack all the old-fashioned flavor of cherry pie into finger-friendly crumb-topped dessert bars.

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      Chocolate Cheesecake Bars

      Make these cheesecake bars the day before the party. It only takes 20 minutes to mix up the no-bake bites, and they need to be well-chilled before serving.

      Editor's Tip: Instead of full bars, cut the cheesecake into 1-inch squares for the perfect bite-size addition to a dessert buffet.

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      Fig Cookies

      Figs, raisins, candied fruit, almonds, and hints of citrus fill these tender pillows with goodness guests will crave.

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      Peanut Butter Truffles

      Make these pretty party-size truffles, loaded with rich and creamy peanut butter filling and encased in dark chocolate.

      Editor's Tip: Drizzle some of the truffles with a little melted milk chocolate after the dark chocolate coating is set; let stand until milk chocolate is set. You'll have two attractive finishes for one recipe.

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      Butterscotch Fondue

      Guests will quickly fall for butterscotch fondue. Try this butterscotch version in place of traditional chocolate fondue. It is an ideal match for fruit, sponge cake, cookies, brownies, or whatever sweet dipper you can imagine.

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