Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Browse our gallery of floral creations to inspire ideas for your wedding centerpieces and arrangements.

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Long View of Table Settings, Pink Flower Center Pieces
Chocolate Brown and Pink

    Narrow Tuscan-style tables arranged in a U-shape displayed the wedding color combination -- chocolate brown (in the linen runner), pink (in the peony arrangements), and chartreuse (in the menus tucked into the folds of the napkins).

Dress it Up with Paper

    To get a classic yet modern centerpiece try a bundle of hydrangea in a square vase. To incorporate your color scheme use scrapbook paper. Add an extra glow by placing votives around the arrangement.

Peonies and Daisies

    At the reception, there was nary a leaf in sight. Big round bouquets flush with peonies and daisies and set off by baby peegee hydrangeas were placed in metal containers wrapped in brown douppioni silk ribbon.

Buttoned Up in Blue

    A footed cake plate elevates this centerpiece to new heights. Blue votives burn in cups of blue sand, but colored sugar, pebbles, or beach glass would also look wonderful.

One Flower Extravaganza

    Hydrangeas bloom profusely in summer, making them a good choice for an at-home wedding. This centerpiece was created in an interesting urn, using only one type of flower.

Eat Your Vegetables

    Artichokes, broccoli, and kale enhance a centerpiece arrangement of roses. Place mats were created from galyx leaves. Place-setting favors are lavender sachets in sheer organdy bags.

Cutting Garden Roses

    Berry-laden viburnum branches, harvested from a backyard cutting garden, form a beautifully unstudied backdrop for a dozen yellow roses. This would be lovely for a casual rehearsal dinner or bridal shower as well.

All Tulips

    Tulips can be difficult to arrange when stems are left long, since stems tend to bend and droop. Tulips cut shorter, like these, can be arranged tightly enough to hold each other more upright.

Mixed Bouquet

    Mixed flowers have been arranged in clusters for this unique centerpiece. Peach roses, hydrangea, zinnias, and yellow orchids have a casual look that would be appealing for a summer wedding.

Country Bouquet

    Vase arrangements are easy to create. Simply fill a vase three-quarters full of water, arrange the bouquet in your hand, and cut the stems to the desired length before inserting into the vase. For a centerpiece, make sure to choose low vases and insert so the lower flowers sit at or below the vase's rim.

Rose Cups

    Silver julep cups like this one are a popular way to arrange small bouquets. You might place three to five of these around a tall candelabra, or space several down the length of a rectangular table. Cut some of the blooms short enough so they sit on the lip of the vase and insert a few stems of frothy filler flowers for interest.

Color Harmony

    Add interest to a centerpiece by using low, medium, and high elements. These clear vases are filled with icy-looking gel beads that hold water and make flower arranging easy.

Green Gala

    This look is similar to the previous slide, yet all of these arrangements are based on shades of green. Again, the vases are as much a design element as the flowers. This type of centerpiece will require relatively few blooms, though more of your budget will go to vases.

Spring Fresh

    Fill a glass vase with a mixture of spring flowers, hosta leaves, and bear grass for a simple centerpiece almost anyone can create.

Vase Within a Vase

    An inexpensive clear fishbowl vase was the start of this colorful centerpiece. White candies hold a second, smaller vase in place. The narrow interior vase holds a few inches of water and a bundle of flowers tied with a ribbon. More individual blooms are set in bud vases around the centerpiece.

Tin Bucket

    Casual settings often play host to informal afternoon weddings. This centerpiece adds a bit of country flair with a tin container and arrangement of white mums, carnations, and daisies -- an budget-friendly, yet festive, way to celebrate.


    Keep it simple by selecting a stunning container and filling it with a few stems of hydrangea. Our paper basket was created to cover an inexpensive cylinder vase that gives it weight and holds the flowers and water.

Elegant Candles

    Footed hurricanes are available everywhere and can be even more effective when used in multiples. Short, medium, and tall glass hurricanes are decorated with ribbon sleeves and monograms, then fit with white pillar candles -- easy and elegant.

Two to Go

    These two arrangements might be just right for a gift table or ceremony decoration. On the table, tall stalks of white gladiola stand like trees inside a basket filled with wet florist's foam. Sheet moss and Spanish moss cover the foam. Below, white roses, hydrangea, and glads mix with pink roses inside a handled basket.

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