Editors' Picks: 30 Best Bouquets

We've selected the 30 prettiest bouquets to inspire you on your big day.

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Wedding Bouquet
Go Country Classic

    The old-fashioned green-and-yellow colors of a striped ribbon inspired this arrangement of garden roses and berzillia berries.

Out-of-the-Ordinary Bouquet

    This bouquet is a twist of modern elegance. Jade roses and white calla lilies are surrounded by banana leaves to give this bouquet a unique look. To bring out your wedding colors, wrap your bouquet in ribbon and add special touches like this dragonfly to accessorize the bouquet.

Add Pop of Color

    For a bold and elegant bouquet to carry down the aisle, pair flame calla lilies, orange roses, and burnt orange hypericum berries.

Go Bold with Dahlias

    Magenta dahlias and a few sprigs of wax flowers create a strikingly simple bouquet. These substantial flowers last about two weeks after cutting and easily stand up to the tousling every wedding bouquet receives. Dahlias are available in shades of white, pink, red, yellow, orange, and purple.
    -- Photographer Aquario Studio; Floral designer Laura Tejedas

Make an Eclectic Statement

    The artistic form of celosia, the double-depth shades of cymbidium, and the intense chocolate color of cosmos give this bouquet a modern edge. The artful arrangement, accented by green zinnias, 'Black Magic' roses, and 'Graham Thomas' garden roses, culminates in a sophisticated statement finished with a lime velvet bow.

Get a Garden-Fresh Look

    The colors of a brilliant sunset are in your hands with this hand-tied bouquet. Sweetly fragrant yellow-orange and red roses are paired with orange and pink alstroemeria blossoms. Magenta globe amaranth's round, cherry-size blooms add color and textural contrast. Sprigs of green lady's mantle give the bouquet a garden-fresh look. Photographer and floral designer Sandra Meyer

Go Tropical

    To add a tropical vibe to your wedding, use bold colors like these orange tulips surrounded by lisianthus.

Choose Lovely Lilac

    Varied lengths of wisteria, lilac, and cotton-candy-color rayon trim trailing from this bouquet hint at the sweet blossoms tied together at the other end. The elegant combination displays lavender double tulips, 'Bluebird' roses, pink godetia, and lavender dendrobium orchids, with catmint and 'Kent Beauty' oregano for petite accents.

A Country Chic Bouquet

    To add to an outdoor wedding, carry a natural bouquet featuring an assortment of wildflowers, roses, lilies, wallflowers, and hypericum berries in pretty fall colors.

A Wedding in Blue

    A mix of blue hydrangea, delphinium, and white lilies creates an eye-catching bouquet for a bride who adores blue.

Use Grass Accents

    Loops of rich green grass encircle this creamy clutch of flowers. Pure white roses are nestled alongside yellow-tint orchids and roses with pale green petals. Soothing green foliage and berries unite the bunch.
    -- Photographer Mark Hopkins; Floral designer Amina Marechal

A Classic Bouquet

    If you're getting married in the winter and your flower choices are limited, consider a bold rose bouquet. To add pops of white, place stephanotis throughout the bouquet.

Try Textural Juxtaposition

    A ring of wide-open peonies encircles a cluster of barely open roses. The juxtaposition of the fluffy peonies with the sculptural roses creates a textural masterpiece.
    -- Photographer and floral designer Xaviera M. Pepe

Soothing Arrangement

    A combination of light green, peach, and yellow makes this bouquet a treat for the eyes. Celadon hydrangea clusters and hypericum berries are combined with soft yellow orchids, chrysanthemums, and peach-pink roses.
    -- Photographer Eric Walker, Silver Image Studios; Floral designer Dawn Green

Dress Up Your Bouquet

    Add a rhinestone butterfly to a golden yellow and peach rose bouquet. Bold bouquet jewels, like this butterfly, or subtle accents, like petite pearls, are simple ways to dress up an arrangement.

A Neutral Palette

    If you are going for a simple but dramatic look, go neutral. This full bouquet paired white roses and calla lilies with a touch of green leaves. Mix and match different textures of flowers for a modern, monochromatic look.

Degrees of Yellow

    Several shades of yellow calla lilies are combined with cherry red hypericum berries in this bouquet. Grass leaves are looped around the perimeter and mimic the shapes of the calla lilies.
    -- Photographer and floral designer Sandra Meyer

Multi-Shade Bouquet

    All shades of red -- from magenta to wine -- come together in this round bouquet. Chocolate cosmos, calla lilies, gloriosa lilies, dahlias, orchids, seeded eucalyptus, and ferns are arranged informally for a fresh-from-the-garden look.
    -- Photographer J. Perlman, www.jperlmanphotography.com; Floral designer Mol Tran

Choose Peonies

    With flowers as lovely as these, hot pink peonies are turned into a luxurious bouquet when tied with beautiful ribbon.

Show Off with Contrast

    A playful contrast between warm orange calla lilies and cool purple chrysanthemums holds this colorful combination together. Statice, trachelium, hydrangeas, and roses round out the bouquet.
    -- Photographer and floral designer Sandra Meyer

A Peaceful Bouquet

    This crisp, clean bouquet works its magic on a brilliant summer day or a brisk winter eve. The blues of belladonna lilies and muscari bounce off 'White Iceberg' garden roses and 'Blushing Bride' protea for a cool, calming effect. Leaves of lamb's ears are tucked throughout the bouquet and add a soft finish. The blue hues of the ribbon top off the soothing bouquet.

Go White on White

    Sparkling white roses and orchids are classic choices for wedding bouquets. Here, the two favored flowers combine to form a fragrant, dome-shape bouquet.
    -- Photographer and floral designer Sandra Meyer

Be Dazzled by Delicacy

    This classic bouquet earns its delicate ambience from 'Evelyn' and 'Abraham Darby' garden roses. Coral schizostylis adds body against the soft-shade roses, while sprigs of lily-of-the-valley and white snowberries add hints of foliage. An apricot satin ribbon pulls all the hues together.

Choose Romantic Reds

    Petite 'Black Beauty' roses, dark pink sweet peas, and flowing ribbon streamers give this bouquet an exuberant look.

Pick a Soft Combo

    If you like pink and orange, a bouquet similar to this one might suit your fancy. Soft pink roses, star-shape bouvardia, and alstroemeria combine with yellow-orange roses. Lady's mantle fills in the gaps.
    -- Photographer and floral designer Sandra Meyer

Make Your Flowers Last

    The curling petals of pink-and-yellow gloriosa lilies soften the minimalist appearance of the bold yellow calla lilies. Two very sturdy flowers, calla lilies and gloriosa lilies will look fresh all the way through the last dance.
    -- Photographer and floral designer Sandra Meyer

Shine with Jewel Tones

    Jewel tones prevail in this bouquet of magenta dahlias, purple-blue hydrangeas, burnt-orange calla lilies, and yellow orchids. The dahlias and hydrangeas lend the arrangement a natural look. For a bouquet with a more formal feel, substitute roses for the dahlias.
    -- Photographer John Schnack, Schnack Studios; Floral designer Amina Marechal

Pick a Vibrant Bouquet

    The bold colors of late summer and fall make this round bouquet glow. It includes dark red dahlias, golden black-eyed Susans, yellow and orange calla lilies, purple trachelium, and orange roses. Green hydrangea blossoms fill in while preventing the colors from becoming too intense.
    -- Photographer Susan Jackson, Susan Jackson Photography; Floral designer Sandra Meyer

Inspired Autumn Bouquet

    Generous blossoms of orange and yellow dahlias and fresh green gladiolus make a bouquet cheerfully bright. The grouping is balanced with the deeper tones in orange montbretia, cockscomb, clover, and copper echinacea. Top off this seasonal bouquet with a plaid ribbon in your color scheme.

Roses and Calla Lilies

    Deep red roses and luxurious almost-black calla lilies create a bold and elegant bouquet. Sprigs of seeded eucalyptus provide rich textural interest.
    -- Photographer Mark Hopkins; Floral designer Amina Marechal

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