16 Easy Summer Party Ideas

Gather inspiration for a casual outdoor gathering from one of our easy summer party ideas. From dinner on the deck to a festive taco buffet, your options are endless for a no-fuss summer party.

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11 Fun Ideas for Decorating a Cake with Candy

Make a birthday cake or other special day cake oh-so-adorable with candies! Cookbook author and stylist Libbie Summers shares 11 super-simple ways that cinnamon candies, jellybeans, maltballs, and other sweet favorites can make you look like a professional cake decorator in minutes.

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Coconut Cream Island Punch, The Cutest 5-Ingredient Cocktail Ever!

Make our DIY party cocktail -- that includes just a few tasty ingredients -- for an adults-only drink everyone can agree on. Cut-up star fruit provides a gorgeous base inside your drink pitcher.

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Sugar-Coated Ice Cream Social

I scream, you scream … You know the drill. Host a sugar-coated ice cream social the kiddos will love -- with cereal necklaces, paper crowns, candy truffles, and a whimsical ice cream truck. Go on and get celebrating!

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Pitcher Cocktail Recipes

Where there's a pitcher, there's a party. Whether you're brunching, dinner partying, or hosting a (very) happy hour, these fun pitcher cocktail recipes are sure to hit the spot. Find icy margaritas, fruity sangria cocktails, spiked punch, and more!

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Easy-to-Make Wedding Favors

Send wedding guests away with pretty party favors. Check out our ideas, perfect for any occasion.


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    • Decorative Magnets

      Give guests tiny trinkets as a wedding thank you. Print out sentiments, then back them with pretty paper and chalk the edges. To add dimension, embellish with a sticker, pin, or button. Adhere the final product to an adhesive-backed magnet.

    • CD Cases

      Send wedding guests away with a musical reminder of the special day. Slip a music CD inside a paper holder. For a personalized twist, burn wedding photos onto a CD and send out with thank-you cards.

    • Candleholders

      A narrow strip of silver perforated paper dresses up the lip of a small jar in a hurry. Alphabet stickers and a charm slipped onto cording tied in a bow add sweet finishing touches. Place tiny candles in the jars and use them as mood lighting during the wedding reception, then let guests take them as they leave.

    • Wine Labels

      Personalize a wine bottle for each table or each guest using an engagement photo. Print it 2-1/2 inches high on white or ivory card stock allowing approximately 4 inches below it for a handwritten message and embellishments. For interest, mount it on a paper band cut to fit the bottle. Before taping the band around the bottle, accent the motifs with shiny brads.

    • Candy Wrappers

      Use LOVE postage stamps to secure pretty paper strips around bite-size candy bars. Stamps hold better than most stickers and give the wedding favor an interesting touch.

    • Heart Designs

      Attach sweet hearts to wedding favor bags to dress up your gifts. The hearts are tied on with ribbon, and they capture the spirit of the occasion.

    • Wineglass Labels

      Not only will guests know where to sit, but these wedding place cards also will make sure guests sip from their own glass. These pretty card stock circles are slit to the center opening to slip around the glass stem with ease. Metal-rim tags, adhered with decorative brads, bear a each guest's name.

    • Candy Jar

      To complement a wedding color scheme, fill a glass jar with jelly beans in matching shades. Tie a thin piece of ribbon around the top and place a sticker sentiment in the center of the jar.

    • Mini Notebooks

      Keep kids occupied during the wedding reception by giving them personalized notebooks. They'll feel special knowing they have wedding favors of their own and can draw in them if they get bored.

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      Dress Up Supplies

      Give your flower girl a wedding favor to cherish. Slip jeweled dress-up supplies into a circular hatbox. Create a gift tag from patterned paper, then wrap ribbon through two holes and around the box to secure.

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      Ice Cream Cone Favors

      Give your wedding guests a sweet treat. Wrap pieces of patterned paper into a cone shape. Cut a piece of cloth to size, fill with candy pieces, and tie at the top.

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      Personalized Bag with Almonds

      Fill colorful paper bags with candy-coated almonds for wedding guests. To personalize the gift, create a monogram tag using card stock, a punch, and stickers. Thread ribbon through a punched hole and tie around the top of the bag to keep it closed.

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      Cake Stand Party Favors

      Fill a cake stand with wedding favors. Place tiny tin containers filled with chocolate on a cake stand as a centerpiece. Cover the lids in solid paper, then use thin ribbon to tie a bow around each.

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      Personality Gift Boxes

      Have favors for every personality ready at your wedding. Find small gifts that fit into categories such as "adventurous," "sporty," and ┬┐musical,┬┐ then wrap accordingly. Guests will go away happy and you'll get the joy of seeing what they choose!

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      Vibrant Journals

      Use store-bought journals as wedding reception accents and favors. If the journal has a window in the cover, embellish the page underneath with a short sentiment or tiny accent. If it's solid, use stickers or chipboard accents to liven up the cover.

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      Green Wedding Favors

      Go green on your wedding day. Give eco-friendly wedding favors to friends and family. Wrap tree seedlings in burlap sacks, and tie wild flower seeds in garden netting.

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      Reusable Bag

      Give wedding guests a favor bag they can reuse over and over again. Fill the quick-to-sew reusable bag with tiny goodies and attach a small name tag for each guest.

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      Southwest-Inspired Cactus Favors

      Make wedding favors inspired by the American Southwest. Plant cacti in tiny pots, wrap with tissue paper, then secure tissue paper with a ribbon. To counter the rough feel of cacti, include a sweet sentiment such as "besos" (kisses) stamped onto a card stock tag.

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      Candy Favor Wedding Centerpiece

      Fold patterned paper into triangle shapes so that a tiny piece of chocolate can fit inside. Place the favors inside wedding centerpieces for guests to admire -- and take -- during the reception.

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      Holiday-Inspired Wedding Favors

      For a wedding at Christmas, give guests gifts that keep on giving. Fill flowerpots with bulbs, then slip a package of seeds in each pot. Add a holiday touch to the wedding favors with a small ornament and a bow made from string.

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      Wedding Favor Charms

      To make these favors, keep the bag and charm colors closely related for a sleek look. Mix in a little potpourri to give the wedding favor a home decor feel.

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      Rock-Candy Wedding Favor

      Fill Chinese take-out boxes with rock candy and candy sticks for a sweet wedding favor that all will love. For a special touch, line the box with colorful tissue paper before adding candy.

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      Birdseed Wedding Favors

      Create a wedding favor tent from card stock to house birdseed. Wrap a wide ribbon around the favor and attach a sentiment and flower.

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      Wedding Favor Bag

      Personalize a store-bought bag with crafts supplies. Mat a distressed piece of paper onto a painted square and add flower embellishments for interest. To complete the look, punch holes through the bag and paper, then thread ribbon through and tie in a bow.

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