18 Perfect Wedding Color Combos

Choosing wedding colors can be tricky, but don't worry; we've got the perfect color combinations for your wedding day.

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Orange + Green Color Scheme

    This classic and bold color pair is perfect for any time of year. For a summer wedding, white accents will keep the color scheme bright; add in brown hues for a winter wedding to create a warm and pleasant color scheme. In this color combination, orange flowers will stand out. Our favorite picks are roses, calla lilies, and dahlias.

Light Pink + Brown Color Scheme

    This light and neutral color scheme is perfect for a wedding any time of year. Use brown as the foundation color for table linens and bridesmaid dresses; accent with pink flowers such as roses, peonies, and ranunculus. Both of the colors will look great on stationery; to create a classic look, use brown paper with a pretty pink monogram.

Purple + Blue Color Scheme

    These pretty colors will add the perfect touch to a spring or summer wedding. We suggest mixing deep purples and light blues for an elegant color combo; don't be afraid to mix both colors in your bouquets. When figuring out which blues to use in your color palette, lay them out side by side to ensure everything is cohesive.

Cranberry + Bold Pink Color Scheme

    The 'Stargazer' lily is the perfect inspiration for this rich color scheme; accompany the extravagant flower with bold pink peonies. Use black and white for the foundation colors so the bright accent colors stand out. A perfect way to achieve this look would be to tie pink ribbons around black or white bridesmaid dresses. Splashes of pink and cranberry are perfect for smaller accessories like napkins and favors.

Brown + Green + Orange Color Scheme

    This trifecta of bold, natural hues will work perfectly together in a fall or winter wedding. Try orange and green for your flowers -- we suggest hydrangeas, orchids, and roses. Deep brown or green bridesmaid dresses look great in this color scheme; if you use deep brown for the dresses, a brown vest with a black tux makes a classy and out-of-the-ordinary look for the groomsmen.

Black + White + Green Color Scheme

    This is the perfect color pairing for a modern and elegant summer wedding. Lighter green flowers, like the green roses paired with banana leaves in this bouquet, are a great way to accent a white-and-black wedding dress. Green dresses with a black sash will look great on your bridesmaids, and easy accents like the black-and-white ribbon-wrapped bouquet add to the simple elegance of this color combination.

Blue + White Color Scheme

    For a sophisticated all-season wedding, use soft blues and whites in your color palette. Touches of blue can easily dress up table settings, like this bunch of wild blueberries. For a blue-and-white bouquet, we like white cream roses nestled in blue hydrangeas. If you want blue bridesmaid dresses, choose a rich color that will complement the rest of your blues.

Red + Orange Color Scheme

    These deep rust tones are perfect for a pretty fall wedding. White and deep red roses paired with striking orange flowers make an elegant bridal bouquet. Be bold by using orange for your table linens and bridesmaid dresses, and soften the color scheme with dashes of white.

Green + Brown Color Scheme

    Try these soft colors for a nature-filled outdoor wedding. Use a few different shades of green, such as a light green and a pretty blue-green hue, in different places. The light green will pair well with brown for the invitations and place settings, while the blue-green will be a stunning color on your bridesmaids. To incorporate more brown into the color scheme, use pinecones for fun place card holders.

Orange + Brown Color Scheme

    This bold color scheme is perfect for a bright and sophisticated fall wedding. Use orange for all of your accent pieces, such as flowers, ribbon touches, and table linens. A rich brown hue will be perfect for bridesmaid dresses and invitations. To add another touch of brown, rent beautiful wooden chairs.

Yellow + Orange Color Scheme

    Perfect for a summer wedding, these bold shades complement each other nicely. Using the same type of flowers in both of these colors will make a nice arrangement, such as this bouquet of ranunculus. Use yellow for a pretty foundation color in your bridesmaid dresses and table linens and add striking orange accents to complete this beautiful color scheme.

Green + Pink Color Scheme

    Go soft and subtle with this classic pair, perfect for a spring or summer wedding. Either color will look fabulous on your bridesmaids; consider giving your groomsmen a dash of both with a pink-and-green-stripe tie. For the flowers, use light colors; green hydrangeas, shown, or jade roses will make a beautiful bouquet.

Orange + Bright Pink Scheme

    If you want a bright and bold summer wedding, this color combination of orange and bright pink is perfect for you. Gerbera daises and roses in these two colors will create a bouquet that pops against your bridal gown. Dress your bridesmaids in either of the two tones, using the other for a dress accent, such as a sash. Splashes of these colors will also create bold invitations.

Light Pink + Bright Pink Color Scheme

    This monochromatic look is sweet and sophisticated, perfect for a wedding any time of year. Deck your entire reception out in this single-color look, from your table linens to your flowers; different shades will make the color scheme dramatic and impressive. A bouquet with beautifully textured flowers will allow it to stand out, and different shades of paper for the invitation layers will look great in this bright color scheme.

Purple + Orange Color Scheme

    These tones are a great match for a tropical destination wedding. Pretty purple lisianthus and orange hypericum berries add a nice touch to the bride's updo, shown, or to her bouquet. This bright color combination can also be used in a winter wedding; add warm brown accents to complete the look.

Green + Cream Color Scheme

    Green and cream are two classic colors that come together to create an elegant wedding look any time of year. Green leaves highlight a bouquet of cream flowers, shown, and cream linens with light and dark green accents dress up the reception in a simple and pretty look.

Lavender + Pink Color Scheme

    Put a feminine touch on a spring wedding with this pretty pink-and-purple pair. The pinks and purples will pop against black bridesmaid dresses; give each bridesmaid a bouquet with both, or use one color for her bouquet and the other for a bright and bold sash. Another way to use these bright colors is to dress up your cake with pink and purple swirls.

Turquoise + Orange Color Scheme

    This out-of-the-ordinary pair is sure to impress your guests. Use turquoise as a foundation color -- it will look great on your bridesmaids and is perfect for table linens as well. Accent the bold teal with an equally bold orange color in your flower arrangements and accessories. For a sophisticated wedding look, use white as your foundation color and turquoise and orange for the accent colors.

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