Outdoor Wedding in Orange

Exchange your vows surrounded by a fabulous view, your favorite friends, and beloved relatives. You can have it all at an outdoor wedding. As with any special event, the key to making it work is in the planning.
Outdoor Considerations
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An orange-and-green palette sets a dramatic tone for this outdoor wedding. "I think color is really important," wedding consultant Sasha Souza says. "Weddings these days are no longer all white. They tend to have more flavor."

The natural beauty of an outdoor wedding is alluring. Imagine a gentle breeze teasing your veil, a gorgeous sunset timed to your vows, and guests dancing the night away under the stars.

The opposite could also be the case -- gusts of wind blowing away your place cards, blazing heat, or an uninvited thunderstorm crashing your party. But with careful planning, your big day can be as lovely as you imagine it.

"Season and weather are number one" priorities, wedding consultant Sasha Souza says about an outdoor ceremony. "You don't want to have an outdoor wedding during the rainy season, and keep sweltering weather in mind."

You may have issues with pests -- bees and mosquitoes -- too. And whatever you do, don't seat guests so they face directly into the sun.

Since you can't control the weather, "absolutely, have a backup plan," Souza says. Renting or purchasing tents is an easy, though expensive, option.

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