10 Easy-to-Make Wedding Centerpieces

Liven up wedding reception tables with easy centerpiece ideas. These cute, crafted table toppers save time and money and pump up style.

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Pink wedding cake centerpiece made from tins, patterned paper, gems, and flowers
Sweet Wedding Cake Centerpiece

    This wedding cake will last a lifetime. Crafted from a stack of tins covered in patterned paper and topped with gemmed flowers, this quick and cute centerpiece is the perfect way to dress dining tables.

Etched-Glass Vase Centerpiece

    Share a message with wedding guests by etching letters onto glass vases to spell words. Try L-O-V-E, shown here, or use the bride and groom's initials for a personal touch. Align scrapbooking letters across the bottles, then mark off a rectangle around each letter using masking tape. Etch around each letter following the directions on the etching cream. Complete the eye-catching look by filling the vases with brightly colored flowers.

Glamorous Beaded Centerpiece

    Make dining tables sparkle with pretty beads from crafts stores, bead shops, and flea markets. Beads come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, which makes matching any wedding style a cinch.

Sheet Music Centerpiece

    Bring love songs to a wedding reception by way of centerpieces. Cut sheet music to wrap around a candle, and hold it in place with ribbon and decorative upholstery tacks. For a buffet-style reception, play the songs on the sheet music to signal the guests it's their turn to go through the line.

Nature-Inspired Centerpiece

    Tiny fallen tree branches make a perfect background for birds cut from patterned paper. If you use this centerpiece for an outdoor wedding reception the birds will revolve in a gentle breeze.

Simple Paper Centerpiece

    Easy cut-and-fold shapes combine to make cheerful dimensional spheres. Use patterned and solid paper in wedding day colors for a fun, fresh look.

Sparkling Candlelight Centerpiece

    Surround candles with faceted acrylic gems to make dining tables glisten. Arrange the gems on a clear glass tray, place white candles in clear glass candleholders, and light the candles to illuminate the colorful surfaces.

Personalized Photo Centerpiece

    The conversation will be flowing as wedding guests admire photos of the bride and groom tucked inside a clear vase or candleholder. Arrange photos evenly on decorative paper. Use double-sided tape to adhere the arrangement to a small cylinder, then nestle it inside a larger glass vessel. Add flowers or a candle to the center to finish the centerpiece.

Wedding Chapel Centerpiece

    Tabletop churches give dining tables a traditional flair. Use gold trimmings to create an elegant look.

Favor Tree Centerpiece

    Treat guests to tasty snack mixes displayed on an elegant tabletop tree. Paint and trim cardboard cones and tie them with pretty cording. Fill pastry bags, used for cake decorating, with snacks, tie with a wire twist, and place in the cones. Hang the goodies from painted branches.

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