All About Flower Girls

Here's a look at the duties -- and fun -- of being a flower girl in a wedding.
Flower Girls
WeddingBatch1_016_06062005 Flower girls lead the way
for the bride.

It's an honor to be asked to be a flower girl. It means that the bride thinks you are someone very special, someone who can precede her down the aisle on her wedding day. It's a very important role.

Depending on the size of the wedding, you may be the only flower girl, or there may be others. There might be a ring bearer, too, a young man about your age, whose job is to carry the rings to the altar.

You will be a special member of the bridal party. That means if you are old enough, the bride may ask you to help her get ready or do small errands on the day of the wedding. Before the wedding day, you may be invited to showers or parties.

At the time of the wedding, you'll be included in the rehearsal at the wedding site, the rehearsal dinner, and the picture-taking sessions. There also will be a maid or matron of honor, some bridesmaids, and a best man and groomsmen to stand with the groom.

3 Flower Girls on a Bench

You will get to wear a beautiful dress as part of your duties. It may be white and similar to the bride's dress, fashioned of silk or taffeta or beautiful cotton. Or it may be a miniversion of the bridesmaids' gowns, in a lovely color the bride has chosen.

You may get to go on a shopping trip with the bride and your mother to choose your dress. What fun that will be! Or you might go to a dressmaker's home or shop to be fitted. Either way, it's most exciting to try on your flower girl dress. You'll probably feel like a fairy princess.

The bride will choose the flowers for you to carry. It may be a bouquet like hers, only smaller. Or it may be a fabric cone full of flowers to match your dress. Some flower girls carry baskets of rose petals and drop them gently down the aisle, creating a beautiful path for the bride to walk on.

The maid of honor and bridesmaids will set the stage for the wedding, going up the aisle first. But your job is very special, for you will go right before the bride, leading her to the altar to marry her groom.

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