to Livable Color

Secrets to Livable Color

What's the trick to color you'll love to come home to? Better Homes and Gardens' Eddie Ross tells you how to get livable color in your home. These decorating tips will help you use color confidently and effectively for a look that wows.

Mon, 3 Mar 2014|

A livable color palette to me is something that makes you happy. It will also get you through every season. A way to get color into your home is not by jumping the gun and just doing it, you have to do some research like a designer. You look at Pinterest, the items that you've been pinning on Pinterest. Look at your tear sheets, even open up your closet and see what colors you gravitate towards in your wardrobe. From there, then you can start bringing color in to your home by maybe in small doses such as pillows and carpet, and even you know, a colorful wall. Tuning up too much color in your home? Well, it's really up to whoever's living there. If you like living with a lot of color, go for it. There's no right or wrong way to use color. It's really up to your own personal taste. Color isn't the only way of making a home livable. You also have to think about your furniture plan and think about the way that you and your family live. Also, you wanna make sure that you add the special elements into a home. It could be something that you inherit, something that you buy. You wanna give your home your own personal touch. My last tip about usable color is, you know, take your time when choosing color. Make sure that the colors really do reflect to you.