Halloween Wreath

Long-Lasting Halloween Wreath

This easy-to-make Halloween wreath can be used year after year. A few cheap supplies and some creativity result in a pretty fall wreath that's ready to display on your front door all season long. See how to make it!

Tue, 7 Jan 2014|

Dress up your front door this Halloween with an easy to make wreath that you can use year after year. Start by gathering your supply. You'll need approximately 44 wide mouth Mason jar bands, washi tape, wire, wire snips, ribbon, and a hot glue gun. Wrap each band with tape making sure to cover the entire side. Continue until you wrap all of your bands, alternating tape designs as you go. Next, string the wrapped band onto a 24-inch length of wire. Twist the ends together and hide them inside the bands to securely close the wreath. Now the only thing left to do is add a bow. Use your ribbon to tie a big bow and hot glue it to the base of your wreath to finish. That's it! Hang it on any door to create a more festive entry way and enjoy the spirit of Halloween all season long.