Makeup: The Lipstick Trick

Party Makeup: The Lipstick Trick

Need a quick party makeup look? All it takes is a bold lipstick shade! Get our trick to make lipstick last longer so you look party-ready until the last guest leaves.

Tue, 26 Nov 2013|

Lots of people are intimidated by red lipstick. But did you know that wearing it to a party can actually save you time. When you go bold on your lips, you don't have to spend a ton of time on the rest of your make up. So, first we're going to start with the lip liner, now the key here is that you want to pick a shade that matches your lips, never your lip color. That's going to keep you from getting that tail-tail ring around the lips. See? You can barely see it and now my lipstick is going to stay put it won't sink in the lip lines. All right, now for the lip color. All right, now here is the real pro-secret. You're going to take a Kleenex, split it in two. All right, so now that you have the thin piece you're going to put it over your lips and then swirl powder on top. Now, that puts a thin coating of powder over your lips. Now, we're going to apply one more coat of color for some moisture and shine. All right, now your lipstick is going to last for hours. Enjoy the party.