Tips from Luxe Rooms: Bedrooms

Designer Tips from Luxe Rooms: Bedrooms

Rest easy in a bedroom inspired by luxury. Take a cue from these sophisticated bedrooms and learn how to create a luxe look with your bedroom decor.

Tue, 12 Nov 2013|

Get the look of a luxe bedroom on your budget with tips from these amazing retreats. Intrigued by the exotic? Take a cue from this stylish master bedroom. Start with a splash of spice-colored pillows while this room's design is inspired by a Moorish-style ceiling, at a more affordable focal point, with the unique chandelier or Moroccan-style lamp. Finally, choose a headboard that reinforces the theme. This one mimics designs found in the medieval palace. Looking for a cosmopolitan bedroom? Copy the straight lines tampered by bold patterns in this stunning space. Highlight one wall with a bold accent color. Here, the ocean blue wall gritted with white trim frames a well-dressed bed. Look for modern accents to compliment the linear effect. Here, contemporary art and a slender settee do the trick. Texture takes precedence over color in this bedroom, soft, blue-gray walls set off warm browns. The headboard makes a striking silhouette while end tables feature a mix of finishes. The chandelier, simple in shape, offers an intricately crafted design.