Rushford's Style Tips

Hilary Rushford's Style Tips

Stylist Hilary Rushford of Dean Street Society shares tips on how to look your best. Plus, learn what fashion rules she always breaks.

Thu, 31 Oct 2013|

-Something I'm always telling my clients that is a little trick that somehow you feel like everyone misses is to really focus on hair and makeup. I think there's so many women that don't realize how much power there is in saying, "all right, this is a pretty simple little dress but if I get myself a great messy top knot and red lipstick, I can really dress this up." I love breaking fashion rules like brown and black or blacken maybe or double denim, things that were often told we shouldn't do. I think a really big trend for fall is leather. I think the secret is what I call the two-part fashion cocktail. You always wanna be aback the cranberry so leather is always gonna be really vodka. So you find ways to balance it out with cranberry like putting it in a pencil skirt or have a cozy sweater that has leather pockets.