Pumpkin Tower Display

3-Step Pumpkin Tower Display

This ridiculously fun Halloween craft takes faux pumpkins and piles them high for a clever outdoor holiday display. See our secrets!

Fri, 18 Oct 2013|

You can make a stack pumpkin tower in three easy steps. Here's what you'll need. Three artificial pumpkins, a large, a medium and a small. Look for ones with holes on the bottom, two mesh bags of rock, clear drying crafts glue, decorative stickers and embellishments. If your pumpkins don't have holes in the bottom, you cut them with a crafts knife. Starting with the pumpkin that will be at the base of your tower, put the bags of rock into the pumpkin. They will spread out inside and make your tower stable. To begin stacking the pumpkins, using a foam brush, spread glue around the hole of the middle pumpkin. Secure the middle pumpkin on top of the base lining it up to get the best connection. Repeat the process with the third smallest pumpkin then add stickers and other decorations if you want. You'll have an easy pumpkin tower that you can display year after year.