Spotting with BHG: Growing Veggies from Seeds

Trend Spotting with BHG: Growing Veggies from Seeds

Growing vegetables from seed can be a money-saver. Maybe that's why it's popular right now.

Mon, 13 May 2013|

Vegetables are the hottest thing in gardening and many gardeners start their vegetables by seed. They tell you they do this to save money, but is that really the case? Not always. If you want just a couple of seedlings of a certain variety, the cost of the seed, soil, and other supplies will be far higher than the cost of a couple of starters at the garden center. But if you need larger quantities then the cost has spread out over many plants and then it becomes a true money-saver. And there's another benefit, many vegetables are only available through seed catalogues. So growing from seed opens the door to countless varieties you can't get any other way. To learn more about seed starting visit