to Make a Woven Lattice-Top Pie

How to Make a Woven Lattice-Top Pie

Get a gorgeous lattice-top pie—we show you how! From rolling and cutting the dough to carefully weaving the strips, this method ensures you’ll have a beautiful pie presentation every time.

Wed, 22 Aug 2012|

-I'm Sue with Better Homes and Gardens. I don't think there's anything more enticing than a home-made pie with a woven lattice top. If you've always wanted to try one, I have some secrets to success to help you out. Let me show you what I mean. Line a pie plate with the bottom crust then pour in your filling. It's best to keep the filling fairly flat in the dish like this. If the filling is mounted, the top will hard to weave. Roll out more dough to about an 1/8 thick and cut in the strips about ½ inch wide. Lay one strip across the center of the pie then place 2 more strips on either side of the center strip. Pull the center strip back halfway then lay a 4th strip down where the center strip is folded perpendicular to the other strips. Unfold the center strips so it lies over the strip you've just put down. Hold back the two strips next to the center and lay a 5th strip down parallel to the 4th one. Unfold the 2 strips over the once you just put down. Continue weaving this way alternating between the center strip and the 2 outer strips until you've covered half the pie. Then weave the lattice over the other half of the pie in exactly the same way. Finally, trim the ends and fold under. Doesn't that look great? With Better Homes and Gardens secret to success, weaving a lattice top pie couldn't be easier.