to Make a Pink Ruffle Cake

How to Make a Pink Ruffle Cake

Girly and sweet, this cake is simple enough for Sunday dinner and special enough for birthdays. Learn how to get these perfect ruffles with this video.

Mon, 9 Apr 2012|

Frosting and piping the ruffle on this cake are easier than you think. After assembling the 2 layers, one on top of the other, you want to start by applying a [crankled] to your cake. It fills in any gap for the inside of the cake layer all the way to the edge. I applied my frosting first and then I take my spatula, pushed the frosting to the edge trying to keep it as smooth as possible. Always come back to your cake with a clean spatula, that's the key. To pipe the ruffle, it's best to start on the bottom layer. That way, you overlap the piping each time you go around the cake. You're going to keep the bag at a 45 degree angle and it's just a simple up and down motion. It will blend together and it will look amazing when you're finished.