Spring Seeds in Easy Pots

Start Spring Seeds in Easy Pots

Growing plants from seeds is easy if you start with the right container. Follow our suggestions for pots that will break down on their own. And discover how you can make your own from things you find around the house.

Thu, 5 Aug 2010|

When you're gearing up to get into the garden, try this. If you want to start seeds yourself, there are lots of options out there that are easy to use, inexpensive, and even better they're biodegradable. Now, one option is Jiffy pot. These come in all shapes and sizes from your local garden supply store. So, there should be one to try it for whatever you're growing. Just fill them with some potting soil, plant your seeds and set them on a sunny spot. When you're ready to put your seedlings into the garden, these pots just go right into the ground, where they'll eventually decompose. Another easy option are these peat pellets. Now, they start out looking kind of like this, just some dried disk, nothing to exciting, but when you soak them in hot water, they expand and see this neat little peat pots and then they're having a little opening right there, where you can poke your seeds into. Again, then when you're ready to put them into the garden, you just plop them on the ground and your set. Now these last 2 ideas are things that I'm sure you already have in your own house. First, cardboard egg carton, now each individual compartment can have a seedling and then when you're ready to go plant them in your yard. All you gotta do is cut them into little compartment apart and then these go right into the ground and you can space your seedlings accordingly or you can use what comes in the carton and as the eggs themselves. You're just going to save some bunch of eggs when you're making a batch of scrambled eggs. Clean them out, and then poke a little drainage hole in the bottom with a pin. And then you're going to sit some potting soil in there and your seeds. And then you just set the eggs right back into the carton and put them on a sunny window sill. Then when the seedlings are ready to go into the ground, you just pop the sill right in the ground and there's really no cleanup, I mean, how easy is that? And it's nice to know that you're recycling at the same time. So get cracking at starting your seeds inside.