Tips from Luxe Rooms: Living Rooms

Designer Tips from Luxe Rooms: Living Rooms

Create a posh look in your home with decorating tips from truly luxe living rooms.

Wed, 13 Nov 2013|

Live in style with tips from these luxe living rooms. Love color? Take a cue from this peacock blue infused living room, here, more is more. Blue pops on upholstery, furniture, flooring and accessories. Mixing geometric patterns and plush textures adds interest. If you choose a bold hue for your living room, go for a neutral wall. Here, white walls set off the regal color. Add impact to your colorful design with a statement accent. Overhead, a chandelier adds modern glamour. The final secret to making this vibrant room work, while the colors and accents are bold, the design shows restraint incorporating a few strong pieces. How do you add possess to traditional architecture? In this living room, formal details include French doors in place of windows, a fireplace with an intricately carved mantel and coffered ceilings. Step 1, tamper the formal traditional backdrop with furniture that's modern in tone. The lines of the sofa and metal and glass coffee table are simple. Next, mix in whimsical accessories, a tiger print ottoman is a fun addition and breaks up the mostly solid patterns. Finally, add a sculptural element. This bull's eye mirror with its twiggy framework is an eye-catching focal point. Looking for symmetry in your living room? This gorgeous library offers lessons and balance. Draw attention to the rooms focal point. In this case, the striking fireplace by placing matching chairs and tables and floor lamps on either side. Choose a neutral color palate to draw attention to the architecture. Here, the walls, trim and curtains share the same shade of muted gray. Finally, balance your colors as well. The sophisticated silver palate is offset by ivory upholstered furniture.