Tips from Luxe Rooms: Dining Rooms

Designer Tips from Luxe Rooms: Dining Rooms

Dine in style by incorporating tips from these luxe dining room designs into your own real-life space.

Mon, 18 Nov 2013|

Dine and style with tips from these Luxe Dining Rooms. If you love a formal look, take a cue from this dining room. Start with antique chairs in a classic print, look for garage sale treasures or affordable reproductions. We love this classic wainscoting. Dress up your walls on a budget with paintable beadboard paneling available at most home improvement stores. Add nailhead trim for a touch of elegance. Finally, mimic this luxurious display with a rectangular divided mirror and a set of prints framed in black. Complete your formal table with black lacquer candelabras. Get the casual but refined look of this modern dining room in three easy steps. First, mix up your seating. A sophisticated bench and two different chair styles break up the linear expanse of this dining table. Go for contemporary lighting. Here, a pair of sleek, neutral shades are strategically hung over the table. Glam up your window treatments. These ombre curtains pick up on the room's tones and graduate to a dark navy. If you have a flare for the dramatic, consider the lessons of this bold dining room. Even if your ceilings aren't this lofty, create the illusion by hanging your draperies at ceiling height. Add vivid contrast with colors like pink and blue, but temper the effect with white walls and neutral finishes. Finally, mix it up. These upholstered armchairs are covered in matching fabric patterns in two different color waves, and draperies repeat the vibrant pink and blue.