Halloween Wreath in 10 Minutes!

Spooky Halloween Wreath in 10 Minutes!

Make a pretty Halloween wreath by wrapping an old picture frame with cheap feather boas. The holiday craft takes just 10 minutes!

Fri, 18 Oct 2013|

Create an easy Halloween wreath in next to no time. Here's what you'll need, three orange feather boas, an empty picture frame, ribbon, a decorative crow, black thin-gauged wire, wire cutters and scissors. Tie the end of the boa to the frame with a simple knot. Wrap the boa around the frame until it's completely covered. When you're done, tuck the end under your first knot. Trim the feathers a little bit to give your wreath a nice shape. Cut a piece of wire about two feet long. Starting in the middle of the wire, wrap it around the crow's feet a few times. Then put the crow inside the bottom of the frame and twist the wire around the frame to attach it. Add a ribbon at the top and hang.