Laundry Room Storage

Small Laundry Room Storage

Organize a small laundry room with these smart storage tricks and tips to bring order to your laundry routine.

Wed, 14 Aug 2013|

Don't let small quarters limit your storage options. Here's how to maximize small laundry room storage. This laundry room is only 6 feet wide. So a trio of stainless steel shelves on the wall maximizes the vertical space. A mix of baskets and bins stylishly contain laundry supplies. A counter top creates a work surface over the front loading appliances. Folding and sorting can begin right away. A wall-mounted hanger valet stands ready for hanging items. Group similar products in separate baskets. Frequent use earns a spot on the lower shelf. Hang your ironing board on the wall for instant access. And don't forget a little cleverness. A fun wall decal does the trick in this small laundry room. With the right storage solutions, your small laundry room can be organized and look great too.