Bathroom Storage

Small Bathroom Storage

Add storage and organization to any small bathroom with these smart tricks and ideas to bring order to toiletries, linens, and bath necessities.

Wed, 14 Aug 2013|

Short on storage in a small bath? Use these ideas to expand your small bathroom storage. Fill an unused corner with a tall cabinet and stock it with efficient containers. Open shelves keep toiletries on display and easy to grab for prepping. Customize containers with stick on [unk] letters. Wear house bulk or unopened items in a low closed door cubby. Dedicate a drawer to the supplies that always seem to go missing and are constantly relocated. Here, hairstyling tools are organized into plastic drawer pockets that slide together for a costumed fit. Put the space beneath the window to work by installing a row of hooks for drying towels. Stitch a loop of cotton twil tape or ribbon to each towel for easy hanging. Choose a vanity with open shelving that you can out fit with baskets for extra towels or toilet paper. Convert up the tee bar cart into a beauty trolley you can wheel anywhere. Shop for a cart with multiple bands or shelves to maximize the sub vertical storage capacity in a tight space. Even if your bathroom is small, a few smart storage pieces will help maximize every inch and help you stay organized.